Friday, June 8, 2012

2012 NYANP Licensure Activity - What May Be a NEW Licensing of Falsehood

here, I cite the text of 2 emails from the AANP New York apparatus recently [see 001., below]:

001. NYANP writes:

001.a. in the emailing "Licensure is One Call Away" (2012-06-08) [vsc 2012-06-08; my notes are in unquoted bold]:

"[from] Rick Brinkman ND NCNM 1980 President of the AANP 1996-1999 [...] to my fellow NDs [...]";

I'm not an ND / NMD and I don't pose as one, obviously.  But, I've likely been on the NY ND emailing list perhaps since naturopathy school.  What's interesting is that when they try for licensure, they are merely NDs, and once they get something established, they expand to the credentials NMD.  Since Brinkman is an NCNM graduate, here's where I mention their explicitly stated NONSENSE BASIS which is at that school's own web page.

"speaking to you as someone who has been an ND for 32 years, who spent 7 years on the AANP board, 3 years as president, I have observed legislation moves slowly a step at a time [ will] provide more patients experiencing the positive results of our medicine [...]";

yes, they have been creeping towards more and more licensure, and perhaps that SO SLOW creeping is an indication that naturopathy is no much of a revolutionary answer to much of anything in terms of healthcare.  After all, there are only so many people who aren't that sick, but chronically mildly sick, whose regression to the mean is the bread and butter of naturopathy's ruse.

"a law with some limitations is a lot more than no law at all which is a total restriction on practicing.  A law will [...] create more NDs in NY state and those together will lead to more support to over time expand the law of what we can do [...] passing this bill is the first step in NY [...]";

once legalized, as the example of shows, they don't have to basically please anyone but themselves -- no matter how ridiculous their point of view comes across as, when you think about what they are claiming.  If history is any guide, the New York can then become an accessory to some really dumb-assedness, wherein figmentations are falsely posed as able to survive scientific scrutiny.

"I don't have to tell you that the current allopathic disease management is collapsing under it's overpriced interventions that come too late in the disease process. We need to be there as a licensed profession, promoting true 'healthcare' as a recognized alternative [...]";

and we are offered something revolutionary.   Allopathy, of course, is a sectarian label that naturopathy uses which isn't appropriate at all.  It falsely positions modern medicine.  I do agree that a lot of lifestyle-induced illness could be prevented, but those interventions are not essentially naturopathic.  They are diet, fitness and the like.  The public already knows what it basically has to do.  I'm not sure how naturopaths hope to get them eating better and exercising BEFORE they get sick and GO TO A NATUROPATH because they are AREN'T ill.  Regular medicine is facing the same problem.  People, for instance, are just getting fatter and fatter and may not get serious until they've diabetes or cardiovascular issues.  Are they going to MANDATE lifestyle interventions posed as 'the naturopathic' when regular medicine can't even get that Draconian?  Brinkman seems to be implying that regular doctors want to see their patients get ill and keep them ill to make money off of them.  When, actually, I think even in a world with great lifestyle habits we'd only be delaying what is being posed as an altogether avoidable cost: middle age problems would be pushed a couple decades into the future for that person as different problems associated with agedness.  Cost is also the design of our never-designed healthcare system: for profit insurance coverage and fee-for-service.  Actually, if doctors were rewarded for keeping their patients healthier like in the UK, we'd know by scientific studies what works and what doesn't, and I don't think that naturopathy wants such a measure placed upon their "true healthcare."  As Orac recently wrote, "I’ve lost track of how many times over the last 7 years I’ve mentioned that naturopathy is not science-based. The evidence is overwhelming. All you have to do is to look at the wide variety of quackery that fits comfortably into naturopathic practice to realize that most of naturopathy is quackery. Traditional Chinese medicine? Check. Various 'energy healing'? Check. 'Detoxification' woo? Check. Homeopathy? Check."

 001.b. in the emailing "A3057C: The Best Bill We Can Get in New York" (2012-06-08) [vsc 2012-06-08; my notes are in unquoted bold]:

"the fact is: that the whole naturopathic profession is fully aware of and is behind this bill. This bill is endorsed by the AANP and it’s president Dr. Cronin, as well as the AANP legislative director Gene McGill, and the NYANP [...]";

hell, licensing AANP nonsense so that it can't be prosecuted is great for its purveyors posing as professionals you can trust.

"you have to start with a basic bill, and then add scope of practice and change things we do not agree with as time goes on. This is how the political system works [...]";

the stepping-stone strategy.

"do you deserve a full scope of practice with no [MD] supervision? Of course you do - but it will not happen in NY when licensure begins [...] it is a vaguely defined term on purpose, with little to no real-world effect on your everyday practice [...]";

so, is this, I suppose, requirement, being ignored from the beginning?

"those of you NDs in New York who have chosen not to be a part of this legislative process, and instead remain quiet, save for 11th hour letters and phone calls of opposition, are hurting your profession both within our state, and nationally [] NDs opposing our own bill [...] you are, in actuality, dismembering your naturopathic profession by proving the profession as disorganized and not united [...] shooting inward [...]";

a little civil war amongst the woo-meisters?  I am not a New York resident, but once was.  I was going to write to whomever about this bill.  But, I've already previously write to the prosecutorial authorizes in NYS in regards to naturopathy's education fraud and clinical / consumer fraud. 

"the medical society and legislature are now thinking: 'why did the NDs oppose their own bill? What are they hiding? They are not serious professionals. Let's watch them destroy themselves [...]";

well, part of this blog's purpose is to reveal what naturopathy truly is, and minimally it is not professional since professions aren't based on falsehood.  I doubt this will destroy them, though.

 "the medical society in New York is powerful. The only reason this bill is able to pass is because Senator LaValle is on our side and has told the medical society that they must allow a licensure bill to pass [...]";

so, we know who to blame for licensed falsehood in New York, when it happens.

"as AANP past president Dr. Michael Traub describes the current New York situation [...] 'currently, we are faced with the continued threat of being investigated, arrested and/or fined for being a naturopathic doctor in New York without this bill [...] starting with a less-than-full scope of practice is a situation that has happened in many other licensed states, and will need to happen here in New York [...] we will have our foot in the door and a seat at the table. From that position we can go back next year and add to the law as an established profession [...] we have to demonstrate that we are safe and effective' [...]";

actually, this bill will erode consumer rights.  I imagine a far future for New York naturopathy without restraints, whereby, like Oregon and Washington, falsehood is legalized.  The efficacy thing really never happens, by the way.  For instance, NDs have been and will likely always be using homeopathy, doing colonics, fixing people's chi, and the like no matter that science says that stuff is NONSENSE. Homeopathy, by the way, is the "basis" for ND Traub's practice. 

so licensed falsehood marches on.
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