Tuesday, June 5, 2012

AANP's Blog Doubles Down on Homeopathy

here, I cite from a recent 2012 post by an ND up at the AANP's blog regarding homeopathy [001., below]:

001. Shiva Barton (ND Bastyr 1983) "2011 AANP Physician of the Year" writes in "Why is Homeopathy Dead?" (2012-06-05) [vsc 2012-06-05; my comments are in unquoted bold]:

"I have quite a few naturopathic students and young doctors that visit my office. My most recent visitor was Dr. Laura Chan, a recent graduate of Bastyr [...]";

so, the experienced ND teaches the recent graduate.

"one of the things she was most notably not enthusiastic or excited about was homeopathy. Dr. Chan was interested in homeopathy when she first arrived at Bastyr [...] her training in homeopathy led her to believe that homeopathy was too complicated to use as a treatment modality in a general naturopathic practice [...] almost all of the students that I have been a preceptor for,  no matter the college, have had an experience like Dr. Chan. So my question is, 'what's up with the way the ND schools are teaching homeopathy?' [...]";

why SHOULD anyone be excited about EMPTY PILLS aka homeopathy?  Barton's complaint is that ND schools teach homeopathy from a rather ORTHODOX manner -- too orthodox, in his view.  The irony here is that current ND graduates are not doing homeopathing because it is asinine, but because their required homeopathy courses convinced them that 'it is complicated.' 
"it seems like the version that is taught in the ND medical colleges is something similar to the following [...with causes such criticisms as it is] taking too long, waiting too long, too much danger [...particularly] you can really do incredible, irreparable harm to a person's vital force if you pick the wrong remedy. I mean, we are not just talking about vital force, for gosh sakes. We are talking about VITAL FORCE here. You don't want to screw with someone's VITAL FORCE, do you? [...] too little income and too many rules [...]";

yes, ND / NMD schools require homeopathic nonsense.  In fact, on their board exams, homeopathy is falsely labeled a "clinical science."  And of course, a vital force is a figmentation long discarded by science yet naturopathy uses the label 'branch of medical science' subset homeopathy all the time.  Yet, central to naturopathy.  And regarding the income, naturopaths usually DIRECTLY sell the supplements and herbs that patients are prescribed, and it isn't uncommon that half the practice's income is their dispensary.

"homeo [...] is a valuable tool for the general ND practice [...] you SHOULD use it [...] homeopathy creates an 'aha' reaction [...] homeo works very quickly – acutely within hours and chronically within a day or two. Nothing else generally works this fast [...] just use it [...] you will find a very valuable tool to help people get well";

when placebo pills are valuable tools from a practitioner's point of view...run.  You have someone who thinks nonspecific treatment effects are as useful as pronounced effects, all the while they are deceiving you with empty pills.

Note: meanwhile, homeopathy's reputation is quite DESTROYED.  Sure, there have been recent attempts to salvage, but those attempts themselves have been destroyed.

Appendage (2012-06-07):

Over at National Geographic's Scienceblogs, Orac has posted quite the skewing of this AANP homeopathy post
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