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Changelog 2012-07-29 and ND Video:

here, I summarize this week's additions to my public naturopathy database.  I also link to an ND's video each changelog, quote from, and tag the video in some detail:

001. added:

the science claims of:

the University of Minnesota

ND Eason; ND Frigerio;
ND Frketich; ND Futterman;
ND Fry; ND Freeman; ND Franzoni;
NDs Flynn and Parasson;
NDs Ferchoff, McCleod, Nguyen, Thurston;
NDs Ferreira, Houmed, Kahrobaei,
Lescheid, MacDonald, Zarzeczny;

002. video of the week link [not to pun]:

002.a. Burt, S. (ND ACNT) states in "What is Naturopathy?" [vsc 2012-07-22; my comments are in unquoted bold]:

#naturopathy #naturopath #iridology #behavioraliridology #JimVerghis
"[from the description] Sarah Burt gives an introduction to naturopathy at the Broadstone Clinic in Dorset, UK. Naturopathy literally means 'nature care' and the naturopath will attempt to offer an individually tailored treatment program using the most natural means possible to make a patient feel well again [...from the video] what naturopathy is about [...] naturopathy just means nature cure [...] a philosophy of medicine that's actually been around for about 2000 years, since the time of Hippocrates [...] to treat the person and not the illness [...] ";

so, we have here a naturopath in the UK.  Natural, natural, natural.  A fallacy.  Sorry, but if I'm ill, and I go to someone claiming they're a physician, they they better 'treat the person WITH the illness'.

"modern pharmaceutical medicine actually tends to suppress a person's symptoms and therefore suppress the immune system, what naturopaths are trying very hard to do is to not suppress the immune system and rather to try and get to the root cause of the problem [...]";

and here we are with the racketeering: regular medicine harms you, naturopathic medicine knows how not to harm you and to help you.  A fake problem they claim a solution to; a problem that is SO FAKE that they've obviously invented it.  If modern medicine knows anything about the immune system, it is how to implement it for the patient's benefit: like with immunology and vaccination.

"naturopathy is an educational process [...]";

and OH WHAT PSEUDO-FACTS we are taught in this video.

"I've been trained in a system called iridology which is the study of the colored part of your iris under magnification of torch [...] reading different signs, and markings, and colorings in the colored part of your eye which will hopefully help me get to this root cause of the problem.  Because like reflexology, all of the organs and the systems that are in your body are actually shown in the iris [...] by determining what those signs and different color variations mean, I can hopefully get to where the problem area lies  [...and then] make up a herbal formula [...shows ND Burt doing iridology on the interviewer / patient]";

and here we are with the pseudodiagnostic.  Invoking reflexology to support iridology is quite hilarious.

Note:  Rational Wiki states in "Iridology" (2012-07-28):

"iridology is a form of pseudoscientific medical woo that claims that an examination of the eye, specifically the iris, can reveal the health of its owner. While this is true for some medical conditions [...] iridology stretches this far beyond medical science, by claiming that the iris will change to reflect injuries, such as broken bones, and that observation of these changes can be used to diagnose such ailments. This type of delusion is known also known as sympathetic magic. Iridology was invented by a Ignatz von Peczely, a Hungarian physician [...] one of the weirder claims made by iridologists is that having green eyes is clear evidence of massive medical issues, because only brown and blue eyes are 'natural'. [...] although some specific disorders may manifest symptoms elsewhere in the body, there is no evidence to support the existence of the general purpose diagnostic system required for iridology to be anything more than woo."

002.b. her other pages include:

002.a. "Iridology" [vsc 2012-07-28]:

"the history of iridology has many varied sources of human knowledge and observational sciences included in its formation [...]

iridology is as scientific as the Easter Bunny.

"there is no one exact person or time that can claim to ‘own’ the knowledge of iridology but can only present a long lineage of various pioneers that have added to its vast database of understanding and wisdom [...]";

really, wisdom and knowledge?  Ah, the argument from antiquity fallacy.

"[page 2] Ignatz Von Peczely [...] this young physician trying to free a trapped owl from his own garden [...] in freeing the bird from its entrapment he himself (Peczely) inadvertently broke the animal’s leg. He then took it upon himself to heal the sick animal and nurse it back to health and in doing so noticed a dark lesion had formed in the owl’s iris. This [iris] area was cataloged and observed as the bird returned to health. As it did so it was then noticed that the [iris] lesion began to slowly knit and repair its self much like the broken bone in the owl's leg";

if the iris is so reactive to physiological changes, then home come based on the myriad of diseases and conditions that people suffer from, has iris changes not be noticed grossly before in general medicine?  Doctors look in the eyes of patients all the time.  Even the video above only examines the iris once, and we don't see evidence that upon follow-up, the patient's problems were solved and most importantly, that the iris CHANGED to reflect that improvement.

"[page 3] an example of an iridology iris map. Note: The positions of the organs in the eyes reflex the state of that particular organ in the body. The right iris represents organs on the right side of the body i.e. right eye. The left iris represents organs on the left side of the body";


"[page 4] Von Peczely is considered today to be the father of modern iridology [...] a physician and homeopath";

well, there's another great pseudotherapy to mention, homeopathy.

"[a pdf] click PDF button to download an Iridology sample slide showing
various iris and associated bodily conditions";

yeah, right.

"a second approach to iridology is the use of a behavioral model of interpretation, this is an area I have been personally involved in the last 3 years. Behavioral iridology is a model put forward by Jim Verghis (USA), adopting a closer relationship between the original physical model and the emerging school of behavioral work [...]";

because woo knows no bounds in terms of creativity.
"over the last 3 years I have been working closely with Jim and and now happy to be able to offer this work in my own naturopathic practice. The iris map on the following page outlines just some of the behavioral aspects that are possible to distinguish in the iris";

I doubt it.

"positions in the right eye are related to the left brain and your fathers side of the family. Positions in the left eye are related to the right side of the brain and your mothers family";

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