Monday, July 30, 2012

ND Rothenberg Promotes Homeopathy Patent Nonsense at Huffpo (2012-07)

here, I cite from a recent piece up at the Huffington Post regarding the patent nonsense known as homeopathy which is essential to naturopathy [see 001., below]:

001. Rothenberg, A. (ND NCNM), "licensed naturopathic doctor",  states in "Homeopathy for Poison Ivy: A Case in Point" [vsc 2012-07-30]:

"I enjoy treating acute problems with homeopathy in the context of my naturopathic medical practice [...] a patient of mine for 15 years [...] has the worst case of poison ivy and it was either calling me or going to the emergency room [...]";

wow, naturopathy-homeopathy woo or actual modern standard of care, equated.

"as have many naturopathic doctors, I see effects of poison ivy that truly take the breath away. I have observed large, excoriated tracts of skin weeping and crusting. I have seen faces blow up to be unrecognizable and limbs grotesquely distorted by swelling. I have been privy to genital exfoliation and plantar disintegration, all from the effects of this ubiquitous and pesky weed. Swede presents none of the above. Instead, what I see when she gingerly rolls back her gauzy cotton sleeve, is a small strand of pearly vesicles, no more than two inches long [...]";

always make sure when treating someone with sugar pills that the battle isn't too up hill.  You may otherwise be seen as truly naked in your invisible clothes.

Note: in the light of what science says about homeopathy (see here), the mentioned ND licensure is state-sanctioned protection of quite false ideas and practices, obviously.  We are offered a link at the end of the article "for more on natural health", and therein it is quite obvious also that 'natural health' is 'of a strange wasteland'.
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