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Changelog 2012-08-05 and ND Video:

here, I summarize this week's additions to my public naturopathy database.  I also link to an ND's video each changelog, quote from, and tag the video in some detail:

001. added:

the vitalism of:

ND Visocchi; ND Verslycken;
NDs Vanderaa and Westlake;
ND Yurko; ND Wojcik; ND Wright; 

ND Mackler; ND Marciano;

ND Mercer;

ND Schostag;

ND Shegeft; ND Simone; ND Singh;

ND Stadtmauer; NMD Sundene; 

ND Hermiston; ND Henson;

ND Horne-Paul; ND Hindman;

ND Born, Jones, Stagg, Yimoyines;

ND Bloom, Schor;

ND Bar-Shalom;

the science claims of:

NDs Larrow, Morgan, Raithel
to Appendix I.05.j.
[whose video is below];

002. video of the week link [not to pun]:

002.a. NDs Larrow, Morgan, Raithel state in "Revolutions Docs" [vsc 2012-08-03]:

tags: #IVtherapy #codedvitalism #efficacyclaim #healingpowerofnature
"[from the description] Revolutions Docs - the next step in the evolution of modern medicine [...from the video] the naturopathic difference: six principles, #1 do no harm; #2 the healing power of nature [shows their dispensary of herbal tinctures and supplements...] #3 discover and treat the cause, not just the effect; #4 treat the whole person; #5 the doctor is a teacher; #6 prevention is the best 'cure' [shows patient receiving IV bag].  Safe and effective naturopathic therapies."

Note: oh so much to talk about here.  Is naturopathy EVOLUTION or DEVOLUTION in terms of the MODERN?  In terms of its principles, are we being TRULY informed regarding HPN and such?   We are told the doctor is teacher, but does the teacher actually understand effect, noneffect, cause, and the boundaries of of science?  I will talk about these issues in the section below. 

002.b. uncoding:

the nonscience falsely labeled 'science, effective and modern' [if we're going to teach, then lets REALLY teach and not miseducate]:

002.b1. what does HPN mean?

here's a BIG 'web page Rosetta Stone' that the school that these three NDs graduated from, SCNM, has titled "Is Naturopathic Medicine For You?" [that's the 2003 archived version] which states: 

"the healing power of nature [...was supposedly] first described in western medicine by Hippocrates, the vis medicatrix naturae, is also referred to as chi in Chinese medicine, prana in ayurveda, and vital force in homeopathy. When alive, the vis medicatrix naturae enables humans and other living beings to resist entropy and decay, unlike inanimate objects that are subject to these effects. Creating treatment plans that harness the healing power of nature [] the essence of naturopathic medicine";

Note: so, HPN is the ancient / classical science-ejected premise of a vital force governing physiology and delineating dead from living.  How medieval.  Is this therein MODERN?  An EVOLUTION?  To step back into the discarded and defunct?  No.  Obviously.  So much for being taught right to therein be teachers.  Coincidentally, SCNM labels naturopathy, grossly, in "The Naturopathic Physician" [that's the 2008 archived version]:

"naturopathic doctors practice is based on the same basic biomedical science foundation as allopathic practice" though their essential vitalistic premise is outside of science and modern medicine is not allopathy.  This is a false label concerning the overall knowledge state of 'the essentially naturopathic'.

002.b2. what is 'effect' in naturopathy?

naturopathy, by its own decree, claims that empty remedies / homeopathy are highly effective in "Breaking Free of Panic Attacks" [vsc 2012-08-04]:

"[by ND Natalie Ham] thankfully, this is also an area where homeopathy can really shine—providing safe, effective, and often quick relief that far surpasses most conventional treatments."

Note: yet, IN FACT, even the makers of homeopathic so-called remedies in the UK are thinking of rebranding those 'effective' remedies, and I shit you not, "confectionery".  So, when a naturopath talks about treating the cause, not the effect, I don't think they have very high standards in terms of demarcating their knowledge enough to understand all that much at all.

002.b3. are we being taught?

no, the public is being indoctrinated by sectarian bullshit, obviously.
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