Sunday, August 26, 2012

Naturopathy and Homeopathy in New Hampshire: Thoughtful? Fair Play?

here, I cite from a recent article on naturopathy [see 001., below]; then, briefly from the ND highlighted in that article [see 002., below]:

001. Jim Cavan reports in "New Law Levels Playing Field for Naturopathic Doctors" (2012-08-26) [vsc 2012-08-26; my comments are in unquoted bold]:

"[regarding] the recent passage of New Hampshire House Bill 351 [...the New Hampshire] state Senate narrowly approved HB 351 in a 13-11 vote in early May and Gov. John Lynch signed it into law on June 20 [...]";

so now we know who to hold responsible.

"[the bill] requires all private health insurers to cover services provided by naturopathic doctors [...]";

wouldn't it be interesting if a major therapy provided by naturopaths is FAKE and is about as real as unicorn tears and magic beans?  Read on.  Oh how licensed falsehood marches on!

"Dr. Robyn Conte, ND, director of Starry Brook Natural Medicine in Exeter [says] such providers face their fair share of challenges and misconceptions, despite being subject to much of the same training and academic rigor as traditional doctors [...]";

and so now we cut to the chase, in terms of the ideas of clarity and rigor.  What can we clearly say about naturopathy's worldview through a lens of scientific rigor?

"'our thoroughness and the time we spend with each patient is I believe what sets us apart', Conte said [...] 'a lot of times we'll have patients who've seen every specialist up and down the Seacoast, but who still haven't gotten to the root causes for whatever ails them' [...] 'our motto of 'health care the way it should be' [...]"; 

so lets be thorough about naturopathy's ROOTS.  Notice, though, we still haven't been told what it is naturopathy is. 

002. Conte, R.A. (ND SCNM) states:

002.a. in "Procedures and Expertise" [vsc 2012-08-26]:

"[...] homeopathic medicine treats the vital force (known as qi in Chinese medicine) [...] the body's innate healing response [...] the source of illness not just the symptoms [...]";

and there you go, a root belief within naturopathy that an invisible, science-ejected geist controls the body.  We were promised thoroughness, rigor, that misconceptions would be explained but a vital force or qi is as much real as the Tooth Fairy.

"homeopathy works [...] homeopathic medicines treat a variety of health concerns [...] homeopathy is based on the 'law of similars' [...] natural laws of healing [...]";

actually, homeopathy doesn't work and there is no support from science regarding a law of similars.  True thoughtfulness takes into account ALL the evidence regarding homeopathy, and we know it is bunk.  Sectarian cherry-picking, on the other hand, picks selective weak but positive examples of homeopathy's efficacy.  

002.b.  in "Intake Form" [vsc 2012-08-26]:

"the diagnosis and treatment plan I will be given by Starry Brook Natural Medicine is based upon traditional Chinese medical principles and/or naturopathic philosophies and may not constitute a western medical diagnosis"; 

Note: and therein, one signs away any right to use modern scientific methods to evaluate or criticize what an ND has done to you.  Let say, if you are harmed or feel deceived.  Ah, "health care the way it should be."  That to me doesn't sound like a level playing field.
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