Sunday, August 26, 2012

ND Gunther Passes [while pseudoscience marches on]

here, I cite from and comment upon the reported death of a very politically connect-ed [yes, perhaps a pun about Connect-icut] naturopath [see 001., below]; then, I cite the huge natupathillogicality that typifies the degree he had and the Connecticut school where I met him when I was an ND student [see 002., below]:

001. the Connecticut Post reports in "Former State Sen. George L. 'Doc' Gunther Dies" (2012-08-26) [vsc 2012-08-26; my comments are in unquoted bold]

"Sen. George L. 'Doc' Gunther [...of] the state's 21st Senate District [...] Shelton, most of Stratford, and parts of Monroe and Seymour [...] died early Sunday in hospice care after a lengthy battle with cancer [...he] holds the record as Connecticut's longest-serving legislator [ office from] 1966 to 2006 [...which was]  20 terms in the state Senate [...he was] 92 [...]";

of course, any criticisms I levy here are not 'to the man', and particularly I applaud his public service.  But, isn't it interesting that his major contributions are not 'naturopathic' but instead much more about issues and causes that represent BROAD community interests! E.g., "Gunther championed scores of environmental and conservation efforts [...and was] the founder of the Connecticut Air and Space Center in Stratford." [I've seen the Corsairs there, and they are truly one of my favorites].  I'm not sure how much politicking he employed regarding naturopathy, as the CT law is quite old, to the extent that, in my opinion, it isn't even a naturopathy statute but a Frankenbuild of old 'drugless practitioner' early 1900 crap.

"Gunther gets his 'Doc' nickname from his profession -- he was a naturopathic physician [...]";

ah, profession subset naturopathy.

"Michael Riley, president of the state Motor Transport Association and a longtime lobbyist [...who] at Gunther's retirement party in 2006 [...] dressed in costume as Pope Benedict XVI [...said] 'he was one-of-a-kind and everybody loved him. He would prowl the halls of the Capitol with his inappropriate remarks. He got away with murder [...]";

oh, how I will detail 'naturopathic murder' in 002., below.  It's a kind of 'murder of professionalism' and 'murder of science'.  I like the blasphemy, too.  For I have blasphemed naturopathy.

002. oh UBCNM, my alma mater [which I left in DISGUST]:

002.a. you got blatant science-ejected sectarian garbage falsely labeled science [the naturopathillogical].

Note: this is, blatantly, commerce occurring under false labels and I am continually in communication with quite non-responsive oversight entities who are parties to the racket.  I have wondered if the good 'Doc' had enough pull or respect to basically squelch any complaints again naturopathy-the-pseudoscience and its state endorsement.  I met the 'Doc' at UBCNM during some kind of opening of their clinic, I believe, around 1999.  And yes, he was larger-than-life and quite memorable.
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