Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Arrested Oklahoma Naturopath Allegedly Makes Bombs [and Treats Cancer]

here, I cite from a recent news report of the arrest of a (self-labeled?) naturopath and chiropractor in Oklahoma for bomb making and bomb possession, and apparently bomb detonation [see 001., below]; then, I revisit his web pages where we get such gems as colonic irrigation, cancer treatments, breast thermography, chelation therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy [see 002., below]:

001. reports in "Mounds Man Arrested For Manufacturing, Possessing Bombs"  (2012-12-05) [vsc 2012-12-24; my comments are in unquoted bold]:

"[as reported by Brandi Ball and Lori Fullbright; I'm using only the print aspect of the article] Kent Bartell, 46, of Mounds, was arrested for child endangerment and manufacturing or possessing any explosive device [...]";

no children were harmed, but apparently a school-aged minor brought some of those bomb parts to school to show friends, according to the article's embedded video.

"Bartell operates the 'New Hope Health Clinic' in Jenks, and uses alternative, holistic methods of medicine. According to his website, Bartell is a 'doctor of naturopathy,' holds a doctorate degree from a chiropractic college [I'll abbreviate these credentials 'ND-DC'] and has taught physiology on the collegiate level and given lectures on a variety of holistic topics such as alternative treatments for cancer [...]";

yup. Though I don't see the label 'naturopathic oncology' or 'chiropractic oncology' on his pages.

Note: regarding bombs, I'm reminded of the Wikipedia article "Robert Spears (naturopath)" which states:

"Robert Vernon Spears was a naturopath who is alleged to have placed a bomb aboard National Airlines Flight 967, an aircraft which disappeared over the Gulf of Mexico on November 16, 1959, killing 42 people."

002. 'ND-DC' Bartell's web pages [at and also mirrored at] include:

002.a. a 'Homepage' [vsc 2012-12-24] which informs us:

that patients call him "Dr. Bartell" and he sells a cancer CD "which teaches you the root causes of cancer and what you can do to fight cancer naturally";

ah, yes, the 'ND-DC' cancer expert!

"the purpose of this web site is to offer hope to individuals who are ready to improve their health.  Whatever health difficulties you may be dealing with, there is an answer or solution to your problem [...] you can achieve healing and restore health in every area of your life [...via] our unique holistic approach [...which has] no harmful side effects [...and] our simple health principles [...that will] correct the root cause of your problem [...]";

wow, that is QUITE a list of promises;

"Yahuah designed the body with the ability to heal and cure itself [...]";

who is that? Oh, him.  So, is this medicine or the ministry?  There are legal loopholes in many states for people who practice quasi-theologically embedded 'healing'.  This may mean that it is LEGAL for this guy to do what he is doing, where he is at.  I'm not sure.

"new breast cancer thermography 2009: thermography can detect indications of breast cancer development providing a 6 year earlier detection over traditional mammogram screening.  Abnormal vascular and nervous system infrared temperature patters can be seen on the surface of the breast with thermography [....]";

ah, so there's also a kind of radiology aspect here.  This doesn't sound very holistic, it sounds like technology!  Well, lets deal with this claim first and foremost.  Does thermography work for what this 'ND-DC' claims it works for? has the article "Oprah’s Buddy Dr. Christiane Northrup and Breast Thermography: The Opportunistic Promotion of Quackery" (2010-10-11) which states: "thermography [...] has not been validated as a diagnostic modality to detect breast cancer. The studies from 30 years ago showed it to be markedly inferior to mammography for this purpose, the claims of naturopaths, chiropractors, and various other quacks notwithstanding [...] thermography doesn’t provide any information that breast MRI can’t provide and provide better [...] thermography should not be offered to women outside of a clinical trial, and it should never be offered to women in lieu of mammography to detect breast cancer."  A naturopath with a bogus diagnostic technique?  No!  Never heard of such a thing.  Meanwhile, we are told, on another page by 'ND-DC' Bartell titled "Welcome to Our Thermography Center" [vsc 2012-12-24]: "Oklahoma now has medical infrared thermography, which is the best method for pre-breast cancer screening [...] providing a 6-year earlier detection over traditional mammography screening."

and, there are amazing anecdotes from patients with multiple sclerosis, leukemia, and diabetes.  One patient explains: "he was able to address problems of toxicity in my body which were causing those symptoms.  He helped me cleanse my body of these toxins [...]";

and we are told, in "Colon Hydrotherapy / Colonics" [vsc 2012-12-24]: "colonic irrigation, also known as colon hydrotherapy or high colonic, is an internal bath that helps colon health [] cleansing the colon (bowel/large intestine) of poisons, gas, accumulated encrusted fecal matter and mucus deposits [...] warm water is gently introduced into the rectum [...] the colon is the body's dump or sewage system. If the toxins are not removed due to constipation or poor elimination, the result is 'autointoxication' as the waste materials intended for removal from the body become reabsorbed into the blood stream and re-distributed around the body's tissues. These toxins then have free run of the entire human body, where they proceed to collect in the cells, tissues, and organs and wreck havoc [...]substances (toxins) you were not designed to process or eliminate; from air pollutants and chemicals found in everyday food, to industrial, beauty and household products, your body gradually becomes overwhelmed by toxicity. Inevitably, it is at this point that disease (allergies, arthritis, migraines, skin problems, heart disease, gout, metabolic/hormone imbalances, Crohn's disease, chronic constipation, ibs symptoms, chronic diarrhea, parasites, Candida and many other disease conditions) manifest themselves [...]";

hmmmm.  A lot has been written on the holistic / natural medicine bogus toxin gambit. At Quackwatch, we are reminded that the National Council Against Health Fraud wrote in "Colonic Irrigation": "NCAHF agrees with the assessment of the California Department of Health Services. Colonics has no real health benefits, but does have a number of serious hazards. Consumers should not use colonics, and should avoid patronizing practitioners who employ this procedure. Practitioners who use colonics are either too ignorant or misguided to be entrusted with delivering health services [...] colonic irrigation should be considered a health fetish. The ideas of 'cleansing' and 'detoxification' have no physiological significance."

overall note: so, there's a home page with quite dubious content.

002.b. there is also promotion of:

 chelation therapy for cardiovascular health in "Hope For Heart Attach Symptoms" which is considered quite without supporting evidence;

and quite absurd claims that hyperbaric oxygen is the panacea of panaceas.
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