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Changelog 2012-10-08 - 2012-12-31 and ND Video:

here, I summarize this week's additions to my public naturopathy database.  I also link to an ND's video each changelog, quote from, and tag the video in some detail:

001. added:

the vitalism of:

ND Bongiorno

College of Naturopathic Medicine Ireland
to Appendix B.01.c.;

ND Cortal
to Appendix B.05.i.bbb.;

ND Crawford 
to Appendix B.05.i.bbbb.;

NDs DiCampli, Marchese, Psenka, Purcell, Retz, Tamburri;
ND DiRoma;
ND Farah & Kearns;
to Appendix B.05.i.bbbb00.;

ND Han;
NDs Han & Lindblad;
ND Haynes & Pierce;
NDs Hegnauer & Jones; 

ND Potter 

State Government of Victoria's Better Health Channel

the science claims of:
ND Aschtgen;

Bastyr University 

NDs Behling & Kotlarz; 

ND Bongiorno

NDs Cerf, Cham, Steeves, Vandekerkhove;

ND Furtado;
NDs Farah & Kearns; 

NDs Germain, Hunter, Kane, Liva, Louden, Samuelson;

ND Hegnauer & ND Jones; 
ND Hinchcliffe, ND Lamson, ND Russel, 
ND Tompkins, ND Sherman, ND Zeoli; 

the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians

ND Klausmeyer; 
NDs Klassen & Manning;
ND Krumbeck; 
NDs Knickrehm & Sandstrom;   

ND Leathers; ND Larrow;
NDs Lester;

ND Naumes 

North Carolina Association of Naturopathic Physicians

ND Parker; NDs Paredes & Wilson; 
ND Potter;  ND Peltz; ND Perch; 
ND Perkins;  ND Peters;   

ND Schwartz & Tan; 
ND Schweitzer;
ND Schweitzer;
ND Shaw;
ND Sykurski; 

ND Williams, M., ND Yates;   

republished Appendix I.05.i.;

the 'vitalism is science-ejected' claim of:

Mauseth, J.D.

the 'naturopathy is unscientific nonsense' claim of:

MD Crislip at who states:
"how do you tell if a naturopath is
speaking unscientific nonsense?
If his mouth is open!

002. video of the week link [not to pun]:

Rampersad, T. (ND Bastyr 2003) states, in quite cheesey promotions of homeopathy nonsense:

002.a. videos:

002.a1. in "Homeopathic Remedies by Dr. Tanya Rampersad, ND"[vsc 2012-12-21]:

#NDRampersad #homeopathynonsense
 "homeopathy for a lot of people is one of those mystery medicines [...] I'm trying to even the odds here for homeopathy [...] this basic introduction to homeopathy is all about the remedies [...many] poisonous things being highly medicinal [...which is] serially diluted and succussed or aggitated vigorously [...]  1X, 1C, 30C, 1M [...] we commonly use 1M [...] if you are very sensitive [...] if you touch the pellets, or if you spill some of the liquid on you, that in effect is giving yourself a dose [...] if you are very sensitive, just being close the remedies, even in closed-in vials, will effect you [ works because it is] non-biochemical [...a] vibratory or pattern medicine [...] we're not talking about biochemistry, we're talking about bringing out the essence of a substance, the more subtle aspects [...] there are studies showing that the more dilute a substance is, the more it has the capacity to pattern water [...causing the remedy to be both] subtle [...and] distinctly profound [...not] material  [...working] on a level that is deeper than that [...] how the medicines work [] not currently known [...] not based on faith or religious view [...] you don't need to believe in it in order for it to work for you [...] deeper than biochemistry [...] science has not yet caught up with homeopathy ['s] a very profound mechanism for healing people [ will] normalize lab results [...] I've seen this time and time again [...] also watch 'What is Homeopathy'";

Note: that the remedies DON'T WORK is known.  Fascinating that being in the same room as bottle of remedy is just as effective.  I'd call it 'suggestibility'.

002.a2. in "What is Homeopathy by Dr. Tanya Rampersad, ND" [vsc 2012-12-21]:

"homeopathy is its own complete and distinct form of medicine [...and she tells us] Hippocrates [...was] one of the first scientific minds in medicine [...and mentions homeopathy's] law of similars [...and] allopathy [ supposedly aka] modern medicine [...which supposedly applies] the opposite force to the disease [...] Hahnemann [...per homeopathy] started a science [...] provings are what we call the science behind homeopathy [...provings were] often double-blind [...and] placebo controlled [...] we want to advance the science [...] we want the full story";

Note: well, science didn't exist back in Hippocrates's time, first of all.  And we know science has ejected homeopathy.

002.b. web pages:

002.b1. in "About Naturopathic Medicine":

"[our] guiding principles are as follows [...#2] vix medicatrix naturae (the healing power of nature)";

Note: it is actually "vis" not 'vix'.  Naturopath, know thy woo.

002.b2.  in "Services" [vsc 2012-12-21]:

"naturopathy & homeopathy: the art and science of finding a person’s deepest patterns and applying a medicine that specifically breaks negative cycles and heals body, mind, and emotions [...] initial consult (1.5 hours) $195. Follow-ups (1 hour) $135";

Note: hmmmm.  Expensive for remedies that are quite empty and falsely labeled science-supported.
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