Friday, April 12, 2013

American College for Advancement in Medicine Decrees Naturopathy is Scientifically Substantiated

here, I cite from a recent American College for Advancement in Medicine [ACAM] press release which labels naturopathy 'science' [see 001., below]; then, I refute that [see 002.,below]; and wonder what part of "advancement" is appropriate as a label for the promotion of science erosion in medicine [003, below]:
001. in the press release "American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) Announces Acceptance of Licensed Naturopathic Physicians as Full Active Members" (2013-04-05), which apparently hasn't gotten any traction, ACAM states [my comments are in unquoted bold]:

"'many of us have naturopaths within our offices [...we] see the validation of their profession by universities where they work side by side with their MD / DO colleagues' stated Dr. Neal Speight, current President of ACAM's Board of Directors [...we] welcome licensed naturopaths into our organization as full active voting members'";

oh, the things we'll do and say for our business partners!  Ka-ching!  I agree, the rise of the status of naturopathy is truly through quackademia.  But, can you ever be a profession and be truly valid if you are based on falsehood and nonsense aka the invalid?  And thus that validation is a facade, because naturopathy is licensed falsehood.

"Dr. Ron Hoffman, former President of ACAM and current member of the Board of Directors [...said] there is increased legitimization of the field [...] over the years, we have watched the practice of naturopathic medicine evolve into a highly sophisticated, rigorous practice model, with defined standards and scientific substantiation [...]";

my answer to that is BULLSHIT and SHAME ON YOU.  [I have no problems being mean and surly when being truthful.  After all, I must be guerrilla since I fight quite a disproportionate (and losing) war.]  I will deal with that gem of a descriptive phrasing in 002., below.

"[and he speaks of the] recognition of naturopaths by universities and government programs [...]";

yes, we call these entities accomplices in fraud.

"Dr. Lyn Patrick, an ND herself [...who] has served as an Advisor to the Board of Directors [...said] I believe that we as NDs have a lot to teach and contribute to ACAM as well as a lot to learn [...] we are a diverse population of providers with diverse modalities and many NDs who have practices that focus on IV nutrition and chelation derive their continuing education credits from ACAM [...]'";

teaching, learning.  Now, naturopathy has as a required principle "doctor as teacher."  And they teach nonsense because they learned nonsense in naturopathy school.  Like the nonsense of IV chelation therapy for heart disease.

002. refutation [in part] regarding rigor, what's legitimate and valid, defined standards and professional, highly sophisticated and evolving, and especially scientific substantiation:

well, I'll take the most glaring path here: if naturopathy is all of these virtues ACAM claims, then why does naturopathy's North American board exam QUITE FALSELY label homeopathy a "clinical science"?  In other words 'why is naturopathy institutionalized falsehood?'  Overall, beyond just homeopathy, why does naturopathy argue that science must include abject nonscience and be traded upon falsely in terms of academia, clinically, and commercially as science?  The refutation is EASY, absurdly easy.  Now, that's just one example.  But, because the entire enterprise is about mislabeling and trading upon the mislabeled...pick your science-actually-non-science naturopathic claim.  There are just piles and piles of such.

003. regarding advancement and integrative:

is any of this an advancement, truly?  It's moronic, actually.  But, naturopathy is truly 'the reversal of all values', IMHE.  

at ACAM we're told in "ACAM Vegas is a Great Choice for Naturopathic CE":

"our commitment to naturopathic education has never been stronger [...]";

the education that teaches that that which is patently science-ejected can be falsely labeled science-based and traded upon.  What a nice thing to commit to.

"we provide the highest-quality education for all integrative medicine professionals [...] extend your ND education with integrative therapies that distinguish your professional development [...]";

to integrate is to blend, and within this context it is the quite absurd blending of science and nonsense and that is NOT a high quality knowledge basis for medicine in any regard and can't be professional if it is false.  Yet, ACAM is quite willing to further that cause.

Note: so, in light of the "scientific substantiation" decree, I'm wondering how ACAM can explain their page "The Voice" (2010-09/10)[vsc 2013-04-12] wherein we're told about their naturopathy friends' / customers' / business partners' hugely science-ejected vitalistic context which is the essentially naturopathic
"the principals [sp., 'principles] of naturopathic medicine [...#2] the healing power of nature, vis medicatrix naturae – first described by Hippocrates as the healing power of nature. It is a person’s vital force within that allows an individual to overcome disease. Naturopathic medicine recognizes an inherent ordered and intelligent self-healing process in each person. naturopathic physicians act to identify and remove obstacles to healing and recovery, and to facilitate and augment this inherent self-healing process [...] harmonize life force."
the naturopathillogical at its finest.
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