Thursday, April 11, 2013

Changelog 2013-04-11 and ND Video

here, I summarize recent additions to my public naturopathy database.  I also link to an ND's video each changelog, quote from, and tag the video in some detail:

001. added:

the vitalism of:

ND Simon;

ND Weeks; ND Weintrob; 
ND Woolaver;

the science claims of:

NDs Ahlan, Baker-Hadley, Exner, Hoffman, Owens, Schlee;
NDs Allen & Gordon; NDs Anhorn & Gleixner; 
ND Axtell;
 NDs Agbeko, Blanchard, Jamal, Sharma, Triendl-Dimitriu;

Bastyr University 

Cancer Treatment Centers of America
ND Collier;

NDs de Martino & Snider;
NDs Diana & Trop;
NDs D'Amico & D'Amico;  

NDs Fleming, Kunkler, Ruddy;
ND Frick; 

ND Kent; 
NDs Koloski & Plummer; 
NDs Konstantinou, Lloyd, Loken, May, Rouchotas, Smrz;

NDs Laughlin & Minor;

NDs MacDonald and Moskowitz; 
NDs Mehrabani and Stark; 
ND Moss; 
to Appendix I.05.k.;

Natural Medicine Journal;
Naturopathy Digest;
to Appendix I.04.02.;

 the Naturopathic Education and Research Consortium;

ND Riley;

ND Shah; ND Sharkar; 
ND Shays; ND Shotz;
ND Strukoff; ND Suhaila; 
ND Swetlikoff; 

ND Thacker; ND Theriault;
ND Tenney; 


the Virginia Association of Naturopathic Physicians;
to Appendix I.03.;  

002. video of the week link [not to pun]:

Sharma, K. (ND CCNM 2002) states in "Dr. Kavita Sharma, Naturopathic Doctor on Dr. Marla and Friends TV Show February 4, 2013" [vsc 2013-04-10; my comments are in unquoted bold]: 

[tags: #naturopathy #homeopathy #scienceclaim #adrenalfatigue #NPLEXboardexams #reiki #acupuncture #pulsediagnosis]
"[from the description] what is a naturopathic doctor?  Modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural medicine [...]";

ah, yes, that BLEND of 'wine plus mud'.

"adrenal fatigue 101 - body's inability to produce adequate quantities of hormones [...]";

"[from the video's titles] Dr. Marla and Friends [...] homeopathy vs. naturopathy, understanding the differences [...] naturopathy 101, blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural medicine [...] to call yourself an ND in Canada, you must have three years of pre-medical sciences [...]  primary principles of naturopathy [...include] use homeopathic medicine to treat physical, mental, and emotional ailments [...]";

so, there's the idea of UNDERSTANDING.  There's the blending of science with whatever [therein this contradicts the typical naturopathic label that it is "science based" and 'a branch of medical science' yet there's all this talk of SCIENCE as a prerequisite basis anyway].  Yes, it does say to use homeopathic magic beans and unicorn tears as a primary principle.  By the way, the web account is the Youtube account of the ND's clinic.

"[host] welcome Kavita [...] lets tease out the difference between naturopathy and homeopathy [...] there is a holistic approach [...] traditional [regular!] medicine is all about 'show me the evidence' [...the ND] naturopathic doctors have an umbrella of treatment methods, homeopathy being only one of six or seven different main areas that we treat in [...]";

wow, if the host is a doctor she's kind of scary for not thinking that EVIDENCE is all that prerequisite!  Ah, yes, naturopathy's holism and homeopathy.

"[the ND] we encourage the public to ask questions [...] have you done the two sets of board exams? [...] we use natural methods to treat [...inlcuding] homeopathic medicine [...and] Asian medicine and acupuncture [shown along with pulse diagnosis...] our main methods [...and also] bioenergetic techniques like reiki [...]";

 well then, I'd like to ask this question: why do those board exams FALSELY label homeopathy a clinical science?  Why is naturopathy SO FALSE???  And if educated at all, then why the bogosity known as reiki and all this pseudoscientific babble???  Again: natural is nonsense as a descriptive label.

"[...and a viewer asks a question about] adrenal fatigue [...]";

of course.  Adrenal fatique is part of naturopathic racketeering wherein a fake problem is created that only naturopathy can say is solved.
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