Sunday, February 16, 2014

BMA Scotland's Position Against Homeopathy 2014

here, I quote from a recent article at on homeopathy nonsense [see 001., below]; and then from the two major North American naturopathy organizations that promote such nonsense [see 002., below]:

001 . Richard Wheatstone reports in in "Row Over 'NHS lies' as Leaflet Tells Patients Homeopathy 'Helps Body Heal Itself'" (2014-02-16):

"a row has broken out over an NHS trust's 'nonsense' advice [...specifically] NHS Tayside [...] on controversial homeopathic treatments [...] the medicines are heavily diluted and are claimed to encourage the body to heal itself [] 'stimulate the body to heal itself' and trigger improvements in the majority of cases [...] leading doctors and politicians have spoken out against the alternative therapies [such as homeopathy], describing them as 'no better than placebos' [...] doctors and politicians have previously slammed the availability of the treatments on the NHS, claiming the remedies are 'scientifically implausible' and 'perform no better than placebos'. This is also the view of the Chief Medical Officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies [...] BMA Scotland, the trade union for doctors, said it does not support the promotion of the treatment by NHS trusts [...] a spokeswoman said: 'there is no evidence in support of homeopathy and the BMA believes these services shouldn't be funded by the NHS'";

hear, hear.

002. meanwhile, North American naturopathy tells us, regarding these magic beans and unicorn tears:

002.a. at AANP (the United States):

that homeopathy is science, and hugely promotes it.

002.b. at CAND (Canada):

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