Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Kansas City Star on Science and Homeopathic Pseudoscience

here, I briefly quote from a piece recently published in the Kansas City Star:

001. public editor Derek Donovan writes in "Cover Science Responsibly and Expose Pseudoscience" (2014-02-16):

"homeopathy is utter nonsense. Its principals, concocted in the late 18th century, are based not on science but rather on a belief that illness is caused by disturbances to a person’s 'vital force,' and can be treated by ingesting various substances diluted to miniscule concentrations [...] not all pseudoscience is necessarily dangerous [...] but journalists should document the real-life consequences when science is misapplied or not applied at all [...] matters of serious public policy hinge on science. It’s the lynchpin of medicine, agriculture, transportation, energy and other industries that drive the world economy. It deserves vigilant news coverage."

Note: hear, hear.

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