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My Letter to the NYS Principals: the Office of LaValle, Stewart, NYSED

here, in combined format, I include the cover letter to what I recently sent out by USPS to New York State principals involved in the process of licensing NDs this 2014 legislative session [a copy of The Naturocrit Podcast Episode 004 and its transcript]:

001. cover letter [a letter that refers to a letter that refers to a letter; you'll have to forgive any weird line-breaks; I've added some hypertext links too]:

February 16, 2014


I understand a bill is in the works to license naturopaths in NYS, and NYSED would be overseeing that 'profession.' I am truly amazed by two things: how little people know about naturopathy, and why a State would get involved in licensing all sorts of false stuff!

Therefore, I am offering my opinion on naturopathy, in this mailing. I include, below, copies of cover letters I've sent to two staff members of Senator LaValle and Senator Skelos who are, as near as I can tell, respectively, Franklin Esson and Nicole Stewart:

Dear Mr. Esson,

As a long-time naturopathy researcher, I recently watched the NYANP posted Vimeo video “2013_12_04 Meeting with Nicki Legislative Update” in which you took part [see ].

It hasn't been that easy to get the political participant's names, but I hope I've gotten them right by way of some web searching: yourself Franklin Esson of Senator LaValle's office, and Nicole Stewart of Senator Skelos's office? 

From what I understand, you've taken the reins from Ms.Stewart within Senator LaValle's office in terms of facilitating naturopathic licensure in NYS?

Well, I include here the cover letter I've sent her way, too, as well as copies of a recent podcast episode I authored and its transcript, for your consideration:

Dear Ms. Stewart,

I notice that you are a long-time facilitator of and strategist for naturopathy licensure in New York State. Particularly, the NYANP posted Vimeo video “2013_12_04 Meeting with Nicki Legislative Update” caught my attention [see ].

You sound deeply involved in their cause. Coincidentally, I'm also deeply involved, being that I've been studying naturopathy for about twenty years. 

Perhaps I can share with you a larger picture. I recently wrote and published on iTunes 'The Naturocrit Podcast Episode 4' titled "The NYANP: Their 2014 Bill Fabrication and Content History" [see ], which is a four-hour analysis of the NYS 2014 naturopathy licensure bill draft and where that sits with what is, preponderantly: the essentially naturopathic, academic science and patient rights.

I include here a CD with that podcast on it as MP3s, and the entire transcript of that Episode. The live web pages are at , as well as the hyperlinks, and you'll have to excuse my preference for right-justification of my text.  I will, also, duplicate this communication on my blog. I was thinking that, in the name of due diligence, you may want to hear about naturopathy from a perspective other than theirs.

From personal experience, including 4 years in ND school, I know the naturopathic perspective to be quite self-serving, distorted and insular as a norm.  It is quite ironic to see the NYANP president ND Brinkman, in that Vimeo video link above, put on some weird glasses to lead his NY naturopaths' journey into a tunnel to share the politicking-process regarding naturopathy in NYS. Their perspective is quite narrow and weird.

Like I said, I'd like to share with you a wider, clear-eyed, educated view. And being that naturopathy as a supposed profession will be regulated by NYSED, it think it is quite important that NYS, in this process, 'get it right' so that embarrassing things do not happen for NYS and its academic standards.

Here's a summary of some my points, from my Episode 4:

>naturopathy claims to broadly be science-based and humanistic;
>naturopathy is, in fact, based on a sectarian science-ejected idea known as vitalism-supernaturalism and methods hugely science-unsupported or -discredited;

[I suggest this recent recording, from the American Association of Naturopathic Physician's 2013 conference: “Back to the Future: Why Vitalism Is 'New' Medicine by James Sensenig” (see of-naturopathic-physicians-conference-2013/products/1-k-back-to-the- future-why-vitalism-is-new-medicine-by-james-sensenig )].

>that vitalistic-supernaturalistic idea is expressly singled out in the Next Generation Science Standards that NYS is participating in the creation of and will adopt in the future as the PERFECT example of the science-ejected;

>because, absurdly, anything-can-therein-be-science in naturopathyland, they are quite a threat to public health and academic standards, fundamentally, in my humble opinion;

>and finally, because naturopathy doesn't transparently communicate the four points I just listed above, particularly the second point in their bill draft language as it exists in this Vimeo video , and requires a waiver of professional 'medical' responsibility from patients mislabeled quite offensively a “consent”, naturopathy in NYS will be greatly at-odds with modern professional ethical standards and even modern standards regarding a patient's right to seek justice if harmed or their rights are violated. 

Before naturopathy is allowed to practice in NYS, it is essential, in my opinion, that they be REQUIRED to practice the truth.

I can be contacted if there's anything I can do to be of further assistance, or if you'd like to share your opinions and impressions with my audience.

Thank you for your time,

Rob Cullen.

002. and:

I got a positive response for a separate communication with the MSSNY.  They will maintain their opposition to the licensure of NDs in NYS!

Note: but, my general pessimism of 'the right thing' happening still stands, as I've watched "licensed falsehood" march on through the years.
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