Monday, March 17, 2014

CNPA, CT's Public Health Committee, ND Prenguber, and Naturopathy Scope 2014

here, I briefly cite from a recent post by CNPA [see 001., below]; then, I provide a little background to UB's new ND school Dean [see 002., below]:

001. the Connecticut Naturopathic Physician's Association [CNPA] writes in "Legislative Update PHC Hearing" [vsc 2014-04-17; my comments are in unquoted bold]:

"a last minute effort by the CNPA to include scope of practice language in the 2014 Legislative Session [...Connecticut,] a state with an insufficient and significantly outdated scope of practice [...] the twentieth century scope of practice is hurting the people of Connecticut and preventing them from access to affordable and modern naturopathic medicine as taught by the University of Bridgeport [...]";

ah, yes, naturopaths want MORE. Oh, the IRONY of the use of the term outdated!  Like UB naturopathy's 'homeopathy labeled as science', SO 1870.  That they claim is so MODERN!

"David Brady ND spoke in the keynote testimony as a representative of both the CNPA and the University of Bridgeport [...]";

ah, yes, good old Dr. Metagenics from my days at UBCNM.  So, CNPA uses the label "science" upon naturopathy, and so does UB.  And the essentially naturopathic, which is science ejected, is coded at CNPA and is stated overtly at UB in their catalog.  And, of course, homeopathy homeopathy.

"the Dean of the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine, Marcia Prenguber ND, gave testimony about the excellence of medical education at the University [...]";

yeah, excellent education: wherein the patently science exterior like homeopathy is falsely labeled science.

002. ND Prenguber:

002.a. she was announced as the new UBCNM dean in January of 2014.  That same page specifies that she is an NCNM graduate and once worked at  Indiana University Health Goshen.

002.b. NCNM, the trunk of the naturopathy tree, is where patent science-ejected nonsense is absurdly claimed to pass scientific scrutiny:

which I have written about TO DEATH.

002.c. Goshen's page "Naturopathic Medicine"  tells us only:

"the primary strategy of naturopathy is to strengthen the body’s own internal disease-fighting abilities to heal itself [...] homeopathy is based on the understanding that natural substances, prepared in diluted doses, can stimulate the natural defenses in the body and help restore health." 

such naturopathic EXCELLENCE, coded vitalism and the claim that empty homeopathy pills DO SOMETHING measurable beyond placebo.  Because you don't deserve to make an informed decision, and you do deserve to be deceived and manipulated!
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