Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Naturopathic Cow Patties: ND Kneeland Says You are Toxic Etc.

here, I cite from an ND that says you need to detoxify.  What specifically?  That's not mentioned.  But you need to:

001. ND Kneeland, E. (ND BINM) states in "Detoxification – Spring Cleaning for Your Body" (2014-04-29):

"spring is a time of renewal, new growth and, of course, cleaning. With that in mind, this seems the perfect time to talk detoxification [...]";

but, unlike the house-cleaning metaphor, your body doesn't build up toxins.  In that sense, the seasons are irrelevant.

"naturopathic medicine detoxification [...] it’s really about is supporting the organs of elimination to carry out their natural roles of ridding the body of built-up toxins and chemicals [...]";

they do this all by themselves.

"unfortunately, our elimination organs are taxed by things like nutritional deficiencies, antibiotics, alcohol consumption and ongoing exposure to environmental toxins, be they pesticides on our food or chemicals in our sunscreen [...]";

boo, she says.  Not quite named toxins, yet, though.  And huge, blanket lawsuits about this 'FACT' that NDs know but the victims don't?  I doubt it.

002. and:

she can measure your supposed toxicity with skin impedance.  And treat it with homeopathic drainage.

and, of course, she doesn't disclose naturopathy's actual vitalistic basis, but instead codes it in naturalistic language.
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