Saturday, May 3, 2014

ND Catanzaro: The Quacky, Education, and Honor

here, I cite from two recent softball news reports featuring naturopathic 'oncologist' ND Catanzaro.  First, there's [see 001., below]; then, there's [see 002., below]:

001. Hana Kim reports at in "Physician Suspended Over Cancer Treatment Defends his Practice" (2014-05-03)":

"[from the text] a Bothell naturopathic physician suspended over an experimental cancer treatment spoke out for the first time Friday, defending his practice and alternative medicine [...] Catanzaro says [...] 'this is not quack medicine [...and] let us integrate the landscape' [...] he says he will continue to try to change the perception of alternative medicine through education";

I'll comment in 003., below.

002. Alison Morrow reports for in "Suspended Bothell Naturopath Breaks Silence"(2014-05-03):

"[from the text] Dr. Catanzaro calls himself a pioneer in a field of integrative medicine
[...] Dr. Catanzaro said [...] 'I have not disgraced my profession [...] you have an arrow on your back if you're a pioneer and you're trying to move something forward' [and he mentions that patients] 'fully consented' [...]"; 

again, I'll comment in 003., below. 

003. some thoughts:

well, to integrate means to blend.  And to be a quack is to be a deluded charlatan, which certainly would be a disgrace.  And education, oh education.  I'll get to that.  And to pioneer forward is to actually do something evolutionary.  And to provide enough accurate information so that a patient can make an informed choice is usually considered consent in medicine.

I don't know much about ND Catanzaro but I have been monitoring Bastyr, his alma mater, for more than a decade.  I can talk about the tree the apple fell from.

so, what's blended, you may ask, at Bastyr?  Well, Bastyr blends science and nonsense and then labels that whole muddle, falsely, SCIENCE.  That's quite easy to show.  That is their educational malpractice.  They've taken the science-ejected vitalistic and supernatural, and activities that have been thrown on the trash heap of medical uselessness like homeopathy, and falsely academically / educationally labeled them scientific and effective.  I find that quite retrograde and quacky.  That is the disgrace that is so easy to show.  The profession is a disgrace because it is based on falsehood.  And therein, naturopathy is not a profession because professions are not based on falsehood.  And as for care for consent: if the educational process of naturopaths trains them to be DOING all this muddled / integrated nonsense, can patient's consent when their practitioner equates / integrates / muddles what's science-based and what is hugely science-ejected and falsely engages in commerce under a guise of medical efficacy, honor, competence, and truthfulness?

it just makes you want to vomit: the reversal of values.
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