Friday, April 4, 2014

ND Cantanzaro: 'Bastyr Threw Me Under the Bus'

here, I cite from recent published comments made by ND Catanzaro regarding Bastyr University, his alma mater [see 001., below]:

001. the Bothell / Kenmore Reporter states in "Suspended Bothell Physician Confronts His Alma Mater, Defends His Practice" (2014-04-03) [my comments are in unquoted bold]:

"[as reported by Sarah Kehoe] Bothell naturopathic physician Dr. John Catanzaro [...] founder and president of the Health and Wellness Institute in Bothell [...] facing charges for allegedly duping cancer patients into treatment with an unapproved experimental vaccine by the Washington State Department of Health Board of Naturopathy [...] sent a letter to Bastyr University, confronting them about what he calls 'negative attacks' against him in the media regarding his suspension [...]";

so, the ND is not happy that Bastyr apparently is CRITICAL. That is an odd position for Bastyr, being CRITICAL.  After all, it is Bastyr that terms naturopathy "science-based" when all kinds of science-exterior stuff is within naturopathy.   And hasn't the WSDHBN been duping the public for years with their permission for the NDs in Washington to employ coded descriptions of naturopathy's essential context?

"[the ND writes] 'the reason I am writing to you about this matter is that this battle is not just about defending my license [...] it is more about addressing the government limiting the treatment choices in cancer to conventional practices and creating significant limitations and severe adverse reactions to those organizations that choose to think outside of conventional medicine to try and find treatment and cures in an individualized/personalized style of health care. The field of natural medicine needs your support now more than ever' [...]";

so, his complaint is that he is unfairly fettered, and being punished for being considered outside-the-box.

"[the ND adds] 'I am not some quack physician [...] I find Bastyr University's comments to the media regarding my work in the cancer arena and absolute failure to support me unconscionable and egregious! [...] Bastyr University and natural medicine continue to remain relatively obscure only because of the absolute failure of the deans, professors and staff and the university at large to support the visionaries in this field [...] I am thwarted and undermined by the very entity that claims to support such revolutionary thinking and alternative treatment in the medical arena' [...]";

what I find unacceptable is Bastyr's overall epistemic muddle, wherein "science" is placed upon such patently science-exterior things as the SUPERNATURAL.  It's a complete trampling on the boundaries of modern knowledge, and a gross violation of academic standards and an absolute failure of the accreditation apparatus.  And I think it is QUACKED [that's whacked, but for naturopathy!].  Of course, Bastyr now is in the spotlight infamously, and trying as hard as possible to sidle out of it.

002. note: and the drama is likely to continue.
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