Friday, April 4, 2014

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Woman Dies After Naturopathic IV Treatment at CCNM Cancer Clinic?

here, I cite unfortunate news from Canada relating to a naturopathy patient [see 001., below]:

001. the Ottawa Sun reports, in "Woman Dies After Trip to Clinic" (2014-04-04]:

"[as reported by Danielle Bell] police spent overnight Thursday guarding a Hintonburg naturopathic clinic after the death of a 51-year-old woman [...who] died in hospital on Thursday shortly after receiving some type of IV treatment at the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Center [...]";

the NDs at the center are: Seely, Horne-Paul, Flower, and Lock.

 "major crime detectives had been consulted in connection with the incident.  Police released the scene around noon on Friday and said it appeared to not be a suspicious death for them to investigate.  Autopsy results are pending."

it would be unfortunate if that IV therapy is the issue, as in the causative factor [chelation?].  The clinic is run by CCNM.  And on that page we're told: "naturopathic medicine [...] supports the body’s own healing ability [...] stimulate inherent healing processes."  Because you just can't get a transparent definition of naturopathy's essential vitalistic context apparently EVEN if you have cancer and are reading their material as a potential or current  patient.
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