Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Where Are Them NYANP 'Legislative' Vimeo Videos That Once Were Up?

here, I wonder why the account of the New York Association of Naturopathic Physicians has been culled:

001. what once was:

001.a in 2014-01, these are the videos populating the account [I always keep careful records of what I blog and podcast about]:
002. what now is:

002.a. this is what's in the account now, 2014-07:
003. why?

is it because I did a long podcast episode on these videos?   And then sent those videos to NYSDE, the NYSAGO, MSSNY and such?

please don't take your ball and go home!

but, it appears I admit, that my quarry has gone to ground.

and we were having so much fun.

and because readers know I've perennially labeled naturopathy "a licensed falsehood", perhaps readers are wondering if this NYANP account culling is an act of conspiracy!

and NYANP as been very quiet in their burrow.
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