Thursday, July 31, 2014

Homeopathy Has "No Scientific Evidence Base" - BMA Scotland, 2014

here, I briefly cite from recent criticism of NHS spending on junk homeopathic stuff:

001. Stephen Wilkie of writes in "Homeopathic Bill Now £1.3m" (2014-08-01):

"Scotland's only homeopathic hospital sparked fresh controversy after spending nearly £1.3million a year to treat just 355 patients [...] Dr Charles Saunders of the British Medical Association in Scotland, said: 'we’re concerned that scarce funding will be spent on ‘treatment’ that has no scientific evidence base to support its use.'  Eben Wilson, of Taxpayer Scotland, said: 'without good evidence-based clinical outcomes, using tax money to fund these so-called treatments is not justifiable.'" 

hear, hear.

002. meanwhile, American doctoral-level fully State sanctioned naturopathy FALSELY claims that homeopathy is a "health science":

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