Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Montana Pharmacist Kuiper Schwacks Homeopathy - Great Falls Tribune

here, I cite from a recent article on homeopathy by a pharmacist:

001. Randy L. Kuiper, "a registered pharmacist in Montana since 1981. He is the clinical coordinator for Benefis Hospitals Pharmacy", writes in "Common Sense Doesn't Support Homeopathic Medicine" (2014-08-19):

 "I find that many people who use homeopathic products do not fully understand what they are actually buying.  Homeopathic products are totally different than the traditional allopathic medicines prescribed by most physicians [...]";

I'd say yes, and yes and 'no' to the label allopathic.  I think allopathy as a descriptive term is not appropriate to use on modern day biomedicine.  Allopathic is a term invented by homeopathy's founder, Hahnemann, to describe the prescientific medicine of his time.

"one of the basic tenets of homeopathy is the concept of  'like cures like'  [...] another basic tenet of homeopathy is that medications are made 'stronger'by diluting them [...] this is not supported by modern scientific knowledge [...]";


"homeopathic medicines are essentially the same as giving a placebo or 'sugar pill' [...] there is always a potential for harm if the initial use of a questionable product results in a delay in receiving therapy known to be effective  [...]";

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