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Nova Scotia's ND Punke and "What Are We Really Talking About"

here, I cite from a recent article by an ND on naturopathy [see 001., below]; then, I visit that ND's practice pages [see 002., below]; and finally, I visit the ND's alma mater CCNM to uncover what all this naturopathic 'linguistic veneering' is hiding [see 003., below]:

Note: so, I love the IRONIC title of the ND's article, because we aren't provided with quality information regarding what naturopathy is REALLY all about in the article or at the ND's practice pages!

001. ND Punke in "Naturopathic Medicine: What Are We Really Talking About?" (2014-08-19) [my comments are in unquoted bold]:

"every naturopathic doctor brings their own art of practice to the science of naturopathic medicine [...]";

I do believe that is a broad science claim upon the naturopathic.

"what naturopathic medicine is truly about [...] naturopathic medicine is a unique primary health care system that combines modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural medicine [...] it is based on the healing power of nature [coded vitalism...] the naturopathic philosophy is to stimulate this innate healing power of the body [coded vitalism...]";

and so...whether the ND realizes it or not...she has just undermined that broad science label she'd placed upon 'the naturopathic.'  Because, TRULY, to blend "modern scientific knowledge" with something 'not that' is to therein not be truly "science."  And the kicker is the coded vitalism, the HPN that is coded vitalism.

"70 to 90 per cent of all diseases are self-limiting, that is, the body will heal itself without intervention [...]";

or you'll spend money on naturopathy and the ND will take credit for what was going to happen even without any therapy!

"naturopathic treatments [...] natural therapies [...include] homeopathy and traditional Chinese medicine / acupuncture [...]";

ah, yes, the great therapeutic pretender, homeopathy.  And exotic placebo parlor tricks aka acupuncture.  

"Dr. Amy Punké, ND, has a naturopathic practice at Whole Self Wellness Center, 106 Stellarton Rd., New Glasgow [...] visit or call 902-755-1210 [...]";

let's go there and see what she says within this supposed "science".

002. ND Punke's practice:

002.a. the homepage [archived here 2013] tells us:

 "in Canada, the naturopathic medical profession’s infrastructure includes accredited educational institutions, professional licensing, national standards of practice, participation in many federal health committee initiatives, and a commitment to state-of-the-art scientific research."

so, there's a professional claim, and a science claim.  But, since I've already pointed out that coding of naturopathy's essential premise is happening -- and it happens on this home page as well -- and science as a label is being placed upon nonscience, it is not looking good so far, professionally speaking.

002.b. in "Frequently Asked Questions" we're told:

"Bill 177 will protect the health and safety of Nova Scotians from harm and will provide legal recognition to naturopathic doctors as a health profession, valuing naturopathic medicine and the professional skills required to deliver naturopathic treatment."

so, with NDs now legally protected, obviously what naturopathy does is use false labels and coding with impunity.  These ND bills don't protect the public.  The bills reverse values.  Nowhere on this practice site can I find "vital", or "force", or "qi".  So, how can I engage in informed consent if not informed?  I guess I don't deserve to know, so then I can CHOOSE.

003. lets go to CCNM [her alma mater according to this archived page] for the essence of naturopathy, "what are we REALLY talking about":

003.a. the essential science-ejected vitalism that is HPN at CCNM:

I've collected all such at this page, Appendix B.01.a.29. 

003.b. the science-ejected homeopathy at CCNM

in "Areas of Study" we're told "clinical sciences [...include] homeopathy."

003.c. with vitalism and homeopathy falsely categorized by CCNM as science:

here's my collection of CCNM science claims, Appendix I.01.a4.

004. so, that what I'm "really talking about":

the continuous march of licensed falsehood.
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