Wednesday, September 17, 2014

NUHS in NDNR September 2014: Profession Subset Science Subset Naturopathy Subset Homeopathy [Superset NOT]!

here, I cite briefly from a recent article in Naturopathic Doctor News and Review [NDNR, see 001., below], and then I flesh-out some of its mentions [the rest]:

001. NDNR 2014-09 has "Message from the President", EdD DC Stiefel, who writes [these type of articles usually end up online at but right now I have this in paper]:

"I've been a part of National University of Health Sciences for over 15 years.  As I complete my first year as president of the university, I've never been more enthusiastic about our naturopathic medicine program [...] NUHS, considered the newest naturopathic medicine school [...] ";

so, it is safe to say 'science subset naturopathy' is the claim, in the realms of commerce, academics, and clinical activity. 

"we are working to uphold our naturopathic lineage here in the Midwest by providing an academic program with a particular emphasis on naturopathic philosophy [...]";

ah, "naturopathic philosophy."  So now the claim is 'science subset naturopathic philosophy.'  I'll talk about how the contents of naturopathic philosophy are actually science-exterior in 002., below.  So, yes, I just said, indirectly, that NUHS is engaged in fraud.

"our students learn the full complement of naturopathic therapeutics [...] we emphasize the application of these therapies [...] under the tutelage of naturopathic expert, Dr Francine Burke, former president of the Illinois Homeopathic Medicine Association [...] our work with the Illinois Association of Naturopathic Physicians (ILANP) [...]";

ah, 'science subset "naturopathic therapeutics" subset homeopathy'.  Homeopathy is fused to naturopathy, and in 003., below, I'll visit the homeopathy at NUHS and at ILANP.  Nothing like being an expert in empty and inert pills falsely labeled "science."  Pretty sad when someone with two doctorates running a university lauds the benefits of magic beans and unicorn tears.

"our naturopathic medicine faculty are leaders both on campus and in their profession [...]";

ah, that 'profession subset naturopathy' claim.  But have you ever heard of a profession built upon falsehood and absurdity?

"Dr Fraser Smith (our assistant dean for naturopathic medicine) [...] Dr Fraser Smith's textbook, Introduction to Principles and Practices of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM Press) [...]";

ah, ND Smith, a CCNM graduate.  In 002., below, I'll use CCNM as a source to get to the heart of naturopathy this quite absurdly being labeled science by this 'university president.'

Note: NUHS also hosts "A Word from President Stiefel" (archived here 2014), which states:

"I want to share my enthusiasm about why National University of Health Sciences is so unique [...] National University of Health Sciences offers you uncompromising science-based learning."

Science, science, science.

002. the contents of naturopathic philosophy are actually science-exterior.  CCNM, the alma mater of the ND running NUHS's ND program, is a great source to get to the heart of naturopathy AKA the things NUHS won't disclose transparently.  I've collected such things as:

002.a. the science-ejected vitalism at the heart of naturopathy in this appendix here.

002.b. the absurd claim that such contents are science supported in this appendix here.

002.c. and here's some CCNM homeopathy, expressly stating it works by science-ejected means.

003. the homeopathy at NUHS and at ILANP:

003.a. at NUHS, in "Clinical Rotation in Homeopathic Medicine" we're told:

"NUHS offers a specialty rotation in homeopathy during its naturopathic medicine (ND) clinical internship experience [...with] currently, three interns spend one day each week with Francine Burke, DC, DNBHE";

and there you go, science subset naturopathy subset homeopathy.  Ridiculous.

 003.b. at ILANP, in "Modalities of Naturopathic Medicine", we're told:

"homeopathic medicines [...] they have been part of the US Pharmacopoeia  since the inception of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act in 1938."

oh, and by the way in the spirit of informed consent, I'll mention that these are empty remedies that have no effect beyond placebo.

004. and licensed falsehood marches on!

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