Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The New York State ND Bill Effort: NDNR's 2014-09 "Spotlight" by Bill Author ND Koda

here, some brief musings regarding an update on the current ND licensure effort in New York State, as informed by way of the bill's author, ND Koda:

001. ND Koda writes, in "Association Spotlight: A New York Bill for the Naturopathic Medicine Profession" [NDNR 2014-09, not yet on line]:

"this year the New York Association of Naturopathic Physicians (NYANP) added a new definition of naturopathic medicine to be included in an amended version of the licensing bill in New York State [...]"

and this completely fascinates me, in terms of deceptive or incomplete language, this 'selective defining'.I went thoroughly through this bill language in the Naturocrit Podcast Episode 004.

 "defining the profession [...] it became apparent that we needed to find wording that clearly distinguishes the practice of naturopathic medicine from other professions [...]";

ah, yes, and the 'of the professions' claim, which is also in the title of the article.  In not clearly stating naturopathy is based upon sectarian science-ejected claims falsely labeled as science based which is quite unprofessional, nothing IMHO has been clearly distinguished.

"our naturopathic principles and therapeutic order [...]";

which actually contain the science-ejected vitalistic centerpiece that is 'the essentially naturopathic'.

"ethics provide guidance for discerning what is unprofessional about one's conduct [...]";

that is quite ironic.

"facilitating and augmenting self-healing processes [...]";

ah, ye old coded vitalism-spiritism that dare not speak its name.

"rather than by a medical standard of care for a diagnosed disease [...]";

in other words, a cloud-cuckoo land standard comprised of magic beans and unicorn tears falsely claimed as objective and science-based nonsectarian.

"the 'healing power of nature' principle distinguishes the clinical practice of naturopathic medicine [...] vitalistic philosophy [...that] has been attacked by some outside the profession as 'fostering quackery' Such attacks are a source of misinformation [...]"; 

so, here we go with the reversal of values so inherent to naturopathy.  HPN is the idea of a life force spirit running physiology, basically.  The NDs call it "science-based" but it is truly science-exterior.  To claim such IS quackery, if you are INFORMED.  What NDs specialize in is misinformation.
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