Friday, October 31, 2014

Australian Naturopath DiQuinzio on Naturopathy's Essential "Vital Force"

here, I cite from an Australian ND's piece that details naturopathy's central science-ejected figmentation [see 001., below]; then, I visit the practice page of that ND author who claims quite falsely naturopathy is "science" [see 002., below]:

001. naturopath Leila DiQuinzio writes at, a naturopathy-including Australian trade group (I guess you can call it), in "The Vital Force: Energy in Healing" [archived 2014 here; I've converted the UK spellings to American English; my comments are in unquoted bold]:

""the 'vital force' is an essential inner energy which flows throughout the entire body. The fluidity and consistency of the flow of this energy is what maintains perfect health in the physical body [...] the vital force [...] the essential role of energy in health and healing is recognized and utilized widely throughout many different cultures and branches of medicine around the world. It is almost universally accepted that the body is governed by some kind of energetic life force. The Chinese call this qi (chi), Eastern Indians call it prana, Tibetans call it lung, Ancient Greeks name it pneuma and in modern medicine it is referred to as ‘vitality’ [...]";

actually, vitalism does not exist in modern medicine.

"Western scientists [...] are yet to deeply appreciate the crucial importance of  the body’s vital force and incorporate this holistically into their practice [...]";

there's an admission: science and medicine don't use vitalism.  And that makes sense, it's science-ejected. 

"the physical body itself is also surrounded by many other layers of subtle energy: etheric, astral, mental and higher spiritual energies [...]";

this is when the theremin music kicks in in my head! 

"many branches of complementary medicine harness the concept of the vital force and its relative energy systems when diagnosing and treating patients [...] these methods of healing utilizing the vital energy of our bodies [...] the vital force does indeed have a significant impact on our health and therefore the overall healing process [...]";

and so here we go down naturopathy's rabbit hole.

"traditional Chinese medicine [...] the method of correcting this imbalance in the body’s vital energy according to traditional Chinese medicine can involve many different components [...including] acupuncture [...] by inserting these metal conductors into our chemical bodies, electricity is generated and the chi is stimulated to continue its flow. This vital energy is then able to effectively balance itself throughout the associated organs where blockages or lack of energy existed, allowing the body to heal itself [...] practitioners of this ancient form of healing base their beliefs on and work around the principles of both yin and yang and the vital force, which they commonly know as qi or chi [...a] common form of energy healing is homeopathy. The pioneer of homeopathy,Samuel Hahnemann was also one to recognize the importance of the body’s energy systems in health and healing [...] the body’s defenses are stimulated [...] the energy of the original substance is transferred to the water in which it is held [...] and is able to have a beneficial effect on the human body at a vibrational level  [...] flower essences work on a very similar level [...] the most common method of preparing the essences is the same as that of gemstone therapy and comparable to that of homeopathy in that the flower itself is not actually used. The fresh flowers are placed in water in a clear glass bowl and left in the sun from early morning for several hours. The sunlight allows the flower’s energy to transfer into the water [...] this mystical healing power comes from each flower’s specific vibrational qualities which correspond to the frequencies of our own vibrational energy as humans. The essences enforce the realignment of our vital energy, giving us strength to either prevent illness or fight it [...]";

yes, ye old science-ejected vitalism incorrectly appropriating the scientific term energy.  How plausible is it to pose that a something not even needed in biology to explain how things work and ejected from biology is medically useful?  It's instead GROSSLY IGNORANT.

002. the ND's clinic web pages:

002.a. her bio states [archived here 2014]:

"qualifications: bachelor of health science (naturopathy) [..]";

yes, that false claim of science subset naturopathy.

"during a consultation, Leila assesses the individual needs of each patient via in-depth case taking, Western medical diagnosis and iridology; a range of treatments are then considered, including nutrition, herbal medicine, flower essence therapy and homeopathy [...] Leila also uses reiki to realign, center, and ground the energy fields [...]";

and there's health fraud in a nutshell: science subset naturopathy subset reiki, iridology and homeopathy? Wow.

002.b. and, of course, the clinic's explanation of naturopathy is not transparent: 
because we don't' deserve to know, so we can then choose.
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