Friday, October 31, 2014

ND Frackowiak of BINM on Naturopathy: Prescientific Superstitions, Magic Beans & Unicorn Tears, and Imaginary Physiologies

here, an ND writing about naturopathy in that typical naturopathic obfuscating way:

001. in "Understanding the Role of Naturopathic Medicine" (2014-10-31), authored by ND Karen Frackowiak [my comments are in unquoted bold], we're told:

"I’m here to shed some light [...] education is a large component of naturopathic medicine. NDs aim to teach patients [...]";

I'm all for enlightenment, I teach a lot of anatomy and physiology.  But are NDs well-educated to then be educating?

"naturopathic medicine is a health care system that blends current science with traditional and natural forms of medicine [...] individualized treatments that take into account physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of wellbeing [...]";

ah, the blending.  This statement therein belies naturopathy's categorical claim of being "science", particularly with the presence of the supernatural.

"our bodies have a natural ability to heal [...]";

ah, the opacity.  Because this is naturopathy's central vitalistic science-ejected premise, coded in naturalistic language.

002. we are then directed to  Let's go there:

002.a. her bio states she got her ND from BINM.

002.b. in "About Naturopathic Medicine" (archived here 2014) we're told:

"naturopathic medicine is a licensed profession that abides by natural standards of practice [...]";

well, since the standard in naturopathy is that anything is legitimate, good luck with that. 

"therapies [...include] traditional Chinese medicine & acupuncture: using the basic principles of yin and yang, qi, organ systems and meridian channels. TCM looks at the body a different way and ultimately helps balance the energy within the body to heal [...] homeopathy [...] this is partially an energetic medicine that triggers your body to reset and innately heal imbalances [...] craniosacral therapy: our bodies are very intelligent and are able to show imbalances in energetic and minute ways [] taps into this, by addressing the connection between your cranium (aka skull) and sacrum (aka tailbone) through your spine and cerebral spinal fluid. It is proven to address such issues as headaches, stress and hip pain. Additional training is needed to use this therapy [...]";

the empty promises of prescientific superstitions, magic beans and unicorn tears, and imaginary physiologies. 

003. light I'll shed:

why aren't we told by someone who supposedly has a modern doctorate degree in an area that claims to be science-based [here's a page of BINM stating naturopathy is science based; "naturopathic medicine is a science-based alternative medicine approach"], that naturopathy's therapies are JUNK?  So much for higher education.  And licensed falsehood marches on.
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