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CBS TV's Uncritical Promotion of ND Corwin's Naturopathy-Homeopathy on WTVR

here, I quote from a CBS local piece UNCRITICALLY promoting an ND [Corwin] and naturopathy-homeopathy nonsense in Virginia [see 001., below]; then, I visit that ND's practice pages for more nonsense [see 002., below]; and finally, her alma mater to get to the trunk of the nonsense [see 003., below]:

001. WTVR's Virginia This Morning tells us in "Learn What Naturopathic Medicine is All About"*(2014-10-03) [vsc 2014-10-05, archived here 2014, my comments are in unquoted bold]:

*nothing like an unconditional endorsement!

from the video:

"[host] a naturopathic doctor may be able to help you find relief [for your medical problems...] naturopathic doctor Mandy Corwin [...]";

ah, so, advice for medical conditions.  I hope we're going to adhere to preponderant medical ethics strictures, like transparency, competency, and informed consent!

"[host] so what kind of enhanced training did that mean for you? [...the ND] basically for a naturopathic doctor, you have to have undergrad. studies [...] typically in the premedical areas [...] and then there's a four-year naturopathic doctorate degree [...] it's much like regular medical training [...]  the first couple years we learn all the basics [...] I would say where there's a divergence is a lot in how we treat things  [...we use] hydrotherapy [...] the use of water [] foot baths [...for] headaches [...and there's] the neti pot [...for] sinus congestion [...and] allergies [...] usually it's really helpful [...]";

so, as if competently trained!  DOCTORATE!  I disagree with the "much like" because naturopathy doesn't have epistemic and ethical standards whatsoever, BASICALLY.   That is the "divergence."  And to recommend a neti pot without mentioning that somebody died due to the procedure recently because their water had a germ in it, is not acceptable.

"[the ND] I think the most important thing to keep in mind when we're talking about naturopathic medicine is that we basically believe that the body has the ability to heal itself [coded vitalism alert!...] it's trying to heal [...] we're looking for that underlying cause [...and] support the body's ability to heal [...]";

am I surprised that naturopathy's basic premise here is DISGUISED?  No, they do it all the time.  They even do it in their Oath.  But, I'll get to it below, transparently.

"[the ND] homeopathy [and there are homeopathy products on the table in front of her that she's brought...] some homeopathic medicines that we often use for things like ear aches [...these] earache tablets are really easy to use [...the host, that people] may not realize is homeopathic medicine [the HUGELY MISINFORMED host keeps calling herbal medicine homeopathic, in error, conflating homeopathy and pharmacognosy...] and sometimes we forget about the interconnection of our body's systems  [...] if you'd like to get more information on homeopathic and naturopathic medicine, we'll put a link on our web site [...]";

so, obviously, this is a blatant promotion of empty homeopathic remedies, which to me is quite a journalistic no-no and the crappiest kind of pseudomedicine I can think of.  This is crap journalism and crap ND education, where no counter-argument is provided, no critical thinking occurs, and the host is quite poorly informed and lauding a poorly educated empty remedy promoter.

from the text:

"[the host] whether you are dealing with a cold, an imbalance in your hormones or chronic fatigue…  a naturopathic doctor might be able to help you find relief.  October 6th – October 12th is Naturopathic Medicine Week, and here to tell us more about this branch of treatment is naturopathic doctor Mandy Corwin. For more information visit online at [...]";

them medical conditions again!  So, let's go there!  And by the way, I've obviously go a crap-load of responding to do this upcoming week with all this 'promoting an irrational sectarian pseudoscience' aka Naturopathic Medicine Week.

002. ND Corwin's web pages, the practice of NDs Hollon, Corwin, Fasullo [all NCNM], and Pare [SCNM]:

002.a. the big coded vitalism LIE!  In "Naturopathic Medicine" [archived here 2014], these NDs tell us:

"naturopathic medicine: The practice of naturopathic medicine is based on the understanding of the body’s ability to heal itself [...] naturopathic medicine adheres to the following six principles: 1. let nature heal: as mentioned above, the body has an innate wisdom to do what it needs to do to heal [...] as simple as this may sound."

ah, if only things were SO SIMPLE.  I observe a deliberate culling of the language at NCNM, were three of these NDs went to school.  Let's go there, and get the full monty. Based on what NCNM describes as naturopathy, I consider the ND's interview definition to be self-serving, evasive, incomplete, manipulative, and not informing.   Because, I guess, we don't deserve to know, so we can then decide.

002.b. the science claim.  In "Naturopathic Medicine Frequently Asked Questions":

"the individual therapies used in naturopathic medical practice have been scientifically validated, especially in the area of clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture and manipulation [...] naturopathy encompasses the entire spectrum of natural medicine of which homeopathy is just one part. Homeopathy is a system which uses extremely small doses of natural substances to stimulate the body’s own ability to heal [coded vitalism], and thus is based on many of the same principles as naturopathy.  One way to compare homeopathy or the understanding of homeopathy is the idea of vaccines.  Both homeopathics and vaccines small amount of a substance that can facilitate a reaction within the body.  Homeopaths often only prescribe homeopathic medicine whereas Naturopathic Doctors use homeopathy as well as other therapies [...]"

homeopathy is as "especially scientifically validated" as the Tooth Fairy.  And vaccines actually contain something, and are quite science-validated.  So, the analogy is like comparing the Tooth Fairy to a dental surgeon.  Such EXPERTISE! Such journalistic good judgment!

003. ND Corwin's alma mater, NCNM and its doctoral nonsense:

this NCNM page is likely my most cited web page.  It serves as a kind of Rosetta Stone for decoding naturopathic false postures.  It marinates in pseudoscience, sectarian obligations, and irrationality.

NCNM shows how, in "About Naturopathic Medicine", ND Corwin's "let nature heal" coding is actually the claim and requirement:

"nature heals through the response of the life force. The physician’s role is to facilitate and augment this process". 

yet, though a life force is quite science-ejected, we're also falsely told such vitalism is:

 "based on the objective observation of the nature of health and disease and are examined continually in light of scientific analysis." 

and we're told homeopathy "works on a subtle, yet powerful, energetic level."

right!   Homeopathy works.
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