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Celebrate Naturopathic Medicine Week 2014, U.S. Style

here, I'll continue adding links to this post all week from articles that rank at related to NMWUS2014 [not to be confused with NMW2014CAN! which is in May]:

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000. previous to the NMWUS2014 calendar week:

000.a. the AANP reminds us in "Naturopathic Medicine Week 2014", centrally coordinating this so usually opaque marketing of naturopathy:

"celebrate the healing power of nature October 6-12 [...] the 2014 theme is: EUREKA! The word means 'I have found it' [...]";

that's quite ironic for an area that doesn't tell you what that "it" is.  Like even in this AANP page, HPN is not fully explained as the science-ejected sectarian health-sect article of faith that IT is: vitalism-spiritism-autoentheism.   The "it" that cannot be found, in terms of science; or mentioned in terms of naturopathy's marketing.

"AANP’s tagline: 'natural medicine. Real solutions' [...]"; 

the natural that contains the supernatural falsely labeled "science-based" and REAL, causes that are figmentations like vital force and toxicity, treatments like homeopathy that are not REAL, diagnostics that are parlor tricks like AK.

"! (so much more to learn about naturopathic medicine) [...]";

oh, yeah.  So much more to do.

000.b. one of the AANP's warped ways of "explaining naturopathy" for NMW is "Educational One Pager" [archived here 2014], which states:

"celebrate the healing power of nature October 6-12 [...] naturopathic principles [...#1] the healing power of nature: NDs recognize a person's innate ability to heal and remove obstacles to healing and recovery to facilitate this inherent self-healing process [...] respect and work with the individual's self-healing process [...]";

this is that coded vitalism they so expertly HIDE.  This is warped in the sense that naturopathy's essential premise of a vital-force-spirit running physiology is something people should be informed about since it is claiming a position of trust as a supposed "profession", so they can then decide about engaging with naturopathy and its beliefs.

"homeopathy is a powerful system of medicine [...]";

this is completely false, and that's an incredible amount of WARP.  Empty remedies are not powerful.  The science has been done, homeopathy is placebo, yet AANP still claims homeopathy is a "medicinal science."  The science-ejected is diametrically opposed to the scientific.

"NDs blend [...]";
yes they so very very essentially do which is in DIRECT contradiction to the AANP claim in "" that naturopathy is "distinct."  The blended is diametrically opposed to the distinct.

Note: so, there's the 'scientific science-ejected, the distinct-blended, the powerful empty, the professional NONSENSE'.  That's naturopathy, U.S. style.

001. 2014-10-06 - Monday:

001.a. the Vail Daily reports in "Free supplement and drug interaction consultations take place on Wednesday in Edwards" (2014-10-06):

"Naturopathic Medicine Week is this week. To celebrate, Dr. Deborah Wiancek at Riverwalk Natural Health Clinic is offering free 15-minute consultations [...] naturopathic doctors treat disease and restore health using therapies from the sciences [] homeopathy [...] they get to the cause of the problem instead of treating the symptoms with drugs";

so, that false claim that homeopathy is a science, and that insinuation that regular medicine isn't doing as good of a job as naturopathy.  Because a fake therapy is a better job!  The ND's practice homepage lists such great things as craniosacral and homeopathy bogosities.  Her explanation page of naturopathy also codes naturopathy's essential vitalistic premise   Of course!  And of course, she speaks of "four years of graduate level study in the medical sciences." And licensed falsehood marches on. 

001.b. the states in "Naturopathic Doctors Push to Increase Access to Care" (2014-10-06):

"[Natalie Feulner reports] 'naturopathic doctors blend science and nature, they treat the whole person, not just the symptom [...] there is a true partnership between caregiver and receiver' [...] Anne Jacobs [of NCNM] is a naturopathic doctor located in Newcastle";

again, that insinuation.  And the claim of true partnership.  But, how true is that partnership when NDs don't explain the knowledge blending at the heart of naturopathy?  "Blend science and nature" means blend science with NONSCIENCE.  Yet, ND Jacobs's supposedly explanatory web page does not transparently share the vitalistic nonscience at the heart of naturopathy.  Yet NCNM does, where the ND graduated.  Typical.  And of course there we're told "NDs are trained in the same basic sciences as a MDs."  As if science based.

002. 2014-10-07 - Tuesday:

nothing significant.

003. 2014-10-08 - Wednesday:

003.a. the rather ironically titled Prescott Valley Tribune's "Natural Docs Cut to the Chase: Holistic Medicine Combines Nature with Traditional Healing" (2014-10-09) states:

"[as reported by Briana Lonas] naturopathic medicine is not about snake oils, magic elixirs and witch doctors that teach us how to dance.  Rather, it's a skilled practice that complements western medicine [...]";

I wholly disagree.  The 'essentially naturopathic' CONTRADICTS the applied science that is supposedly 'Western' medicine.  Just more shallow, naive reporting.

"it's National Naturopathic Medicine Recognition Week and Cheryl Hamilton, N.M.D., is happy to explain the integrative effects of the natural approach to healing at the Women's Health and Healing Center in Prescott Valley [...]";

so, let's go there and see what the NMD explains!  What are "integrative" effects?  To integrate means to blend, so the "blending effects"?  This is SO TRUE.  Naturopathy's blended effect: mixing science with nonscience and then falsely labeling the whole thing "scientific."  Women don't deserve this.

There: at the NMD's site,, we're told about the 'snake oiling, magic elixiring, and witchdoctoring' known as:


"homeopathy is an effective and scientific system of healing which assists the natural tendency of the body to heal itself [...] in order to find the right remedy, Dr. Hamilton will want to know all about you."

it's quite irrational to label homeopathy effective and scientific.  It's actually a profound reversal of values.


"Dr. Hamilton uses acupuncture for many ailments [...] TCM is based on the belief that all parts of the body are interconnected. Organs and organ systems work together to keep the body functioning. If one organ or system is malfunctioning, it affects every other aspect of the body. Qi (pronounced 'chi') is the TCM term for vital force or energy. Qi flows through the body via channels called meridians. Excesses and deficiencies, which cause imbalances or interruptions in the flow of qi, cause illness; correction of this flow restores the body to balance. Acupuncture restores the balance, allowing for the normal flow of qi, which restores health to the mind and body."

ah, ye old science-ejected vitalism.

"Detoxification & Chelation Therapy":

"many women have problems related to hormone disrupting chemicals, which are ubiquitous in our environment [...] the accumulation of toxins over time eventually causes normal metabolic processes to become dysfunctional [...]
there are many treatment plans available, which accommodate your needs to help reduce your toxic load. Many labs offer tests that can identify which toxins may be contributing to your symptom [...] your toxic load will be analyzed and an appropriate treatment plan that fits your schedule and needs can be implemented so that your body can return to its normal state of health."
 there's money in them there toxic bogeymen. 
and in spite of all this 'snake oiling, magic elixiring, and witchdoctoring', the NMD tells us
in "About the Doctor":

"[her alma mater] SCNM’s accredited four-year medical program provides post-graduate education in basic and clinical sciences common to all medical education. In addition, doctors are trained in scientifically based alternative health care approaches to therapy with a strong emphasis on disease prevention and optimizing wellness. Graduates of SCNM are holistic primary care physicians who have been trained in the most comprehensive of scientifically validated traditional and alternative medicine disciplines."

and the reversal of values continues.
004. 2014-10-09 - Thursday:

nothing significant.

004. 2014-10-10 - Friday:

004.a. MD Katz, that's Medical Doctor, states at HuffPo in "The Nature of Medicine, and the Medicine of Nature" (2014-10-10):

"it is Naturopathic Medicine Week. Who knew? [...]";

well, it is and I would say that the rankings regarding NMW have been very paltry. 

"I learned about Naturopathic Medicine Week just recently from my friends at the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians [...]";

ah, the AANP who claim quite falsely that homeopathy is science [archived here 2012].  There once was a time when doctors had standards in terms of who they associated with!

"I have known about naturopathic medicine for a long time, however, and from the rather intimate perspective of sharing patient care. I have been practicing a particular model of integrative medicine since 2000 that involves the active collaboration of me or someone trained like me, and a naturopath, in the initial evaluation and subsequent care of a given patient [...]";

ah, a business partnership with falsehood.  Are you sure you want to admit this?

"naturopathic physicians are, indeed, physicians -- earning a doctoral degree in naturopathic medicine (ND). As with us MDs (and our close cousins, the DOs), naturopaths complete four years of college first, and then apply to naturopathic medical schools. Their training spans the same four post-graduate years as ours. After that, some go on to residency training, and some go directly into practice [...]";

actually ALMOST ALL go directly into practice, Dr. Katz.  And you know that.  You are clever.  Regarding being physicians, I regard the naturopathic belief system that their oath is centered around to be, actually, metaphysical science-exterior sectarian figmentation, so I'd prefer you term them metaphysicians, Dr. Katz.  And I was in one of those doctoral level degrees, wherein a "life force" is falsely claimed to be a physiologica and scientific fact.  So, doctoral falsehood is my preferred term.  I can't agreed that the ND training is "the same" simply for obvious reasons. 

"before going into practice, naturopaths take board examinations [...]";

did you know that the board exam falsely labels the profoundly science-exterior, like homeopathy, science?  Rigorously tested nonsense if my preferred term.

"the first two years of naturopathic medical school are much like those in any medical school: countless hours in classrooms learning about basic science [...]";

but if science is naturopathy's base, then why does it contain HOMEOPATHY and kind?

"careful and responsible use of scientific evidence is essential [...] there should be no need to choose between responsible use of science, and responsiveness to the needs of patients [...]";

and yet you partner-up with epistemic frauds, and naturpathy hugely undermines science as a knowledge delineation.  Hows does that benefit ANYONE.  I can see it benefiting a practice IN BUSINESS.  So, Dr, Katz, you are full of shit.

"Naturopathic Medicine Week is an opportunity to consider [...] the medicine of nature [...]";

fascinating.  Since the healing power of nature is naturopathy's central tenet, and that tenet is vitalistic, spiritistic, and autoentheistic all falsely labeled as able to survive scientific scrutiny, Dr. Katz has hugely jumped on the snake oil salesperson wagon from the 1800s, IMHO.

006. 2014-10-11 - Saturday:

007. 2014-10-12 - Sunday:

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