Thursday, October 9, 2014

NMD Hamilton Wins My Naturopathy Week 2014's Epistemic Misrepresentation Award!

here, I detail the winner of an award I just invented in the last few minutes!  It's the Epistemic Misrepresentation Award for Naturopathy Week 2014:

Note: epistemology studies knowledge types, like what is science and what isn't.  I came across the web pages of this naturopath while researching a news article on Naturopathic Medicine Week, and even though I've read so many ND and NMD sites, this one really needed some attention brought to it.

001. the naturopath in question is Cheryl Hamilton whose biography page at her Arizona practice states [my comments are in unquoted bold; here's her Arizona licensure page]:

"she [..] pursue[d] the fulfillment of her lifelong dream of becoming a physician by attending the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) in Tempe, Arizona [] accredited four-year medical program provides post-graduate education in basic and clinical sciences common to all medical education [...] doctors are trained in scientifically based alternative health care approaches to therapy with a strong emphasis on disease prevention and optimizing wellness. Graduates of SCNM are holistic primary care physicians who have been trained in the most comprehensive of scientifically validated traditional and alternative medicine disciplines."

now, that SO ADAMANT scientific categorical claim is what caught my eye.  With such a strong, absolute, and categorical science marketing posture, you'd think there would be what she says there is within naturopathy: ONLY the scientifically based and scientifically validated.  And you would be SO WRONG, categorically.  This gets the NMD, those are her credentials in that state, a long way towards being a contender for the 2014NMWECAward.

002. what BELIES that promised science label:

002.a how about a FALSE claim that homeopathy [amongst other things] is science in "About the Center" [archived here 2014]:

"The Women’s Health and Healing Center (WHHC) provides integrative health care to women and their loved ones. Dr. Hamilton provides innovative care through cutting-edge medical science and scientifically proven natural therapies, including acupuncture; aesthetic medicine; botanical medicine; bio-identical hormone replacement therapy; environmental medicine; homeopathy; hydrotherapy; nutritional therapy for emotional, cognitive, and behavioral disorders; preventative medicine and regenerative medicine (prolotherapy, PRP and neural prolotherapy)." 

oh how WRONG this science subset homeopathy claim is. 

002.b. how about vitalism, that science-ejected sectarian central naturopathic belief seen here alive and well in "Acupuncture" [archived here 2014] where we're told:

"qi [...] is the TCM term for vital force or energy. Qi flows through the body via channels called meridians. Excesses and deficiencies, which cause imbalances or interruptions in the flow of qi, cause illness; correction of this flow restores the body to balance. Acupuncture restores the balance, allowing for the normal flow of qi, which restores health to the mind and body [...] Dr. Hamilton uses acupuncture for many ailments."

so the equation is qi = vital force = energy.  But, of course, this is NOT the energy of science though we were promised science.  This is the figmentation that does not have any evidence to support it and is not needed to explain any phenomena.  So, we're quite leading the pack in terms of the Award by now.

002.c. how about toxins and detoxification in "Detoxification and Chelation Therapy" we're told:

"there are effective methods for helping to mobilize and eliminate other toxins that are stored in your body. These involve liver support, calorie reduction, saunas, hydrotherapy, colonics, castor oil packs, certain foods, and nutrient and herbal supplements. At the Women’s Health and Healing Center, a careful intake is done to determine your risk for environmental toxicity. Your toxic load will be analyzed and an appropriate treatment plan that fits your schedule and needs can be implemented so that your body can return to its normal state of health."

because you are toxic [fake cause] and she can detoxify you [solution to her fake cause].  What a RACKET!

003. the saddest thing:

this is a practice OWNED by a woman and geared toward women specifically that is engaged in abject falsehood clinically and commercially, IMHO.

there is a reasonably difference between what science supports, and homeopathy and vital force.

oh, and we're reminded: "The Women’s Health and Healing Center requires payment in full at the time services are rendered."  That same page states: "one of the principles of naturopathic medicine, docere (doctor as teacher), states the naturopathic physician’s major role is to educate, empower."

so, there's ANOTHER false claim.
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