Friday, November 7, 2014

Naturopathy Quackery Detailed by Anna Murphy at 2014-11

here, a snippet illustrating VERY credulous and EXCEPTIONALLY lazy recent reporting of OBVIOUS naturopathy nonsense:

001. reporter Anna Murphy, who obviously knows nothing in terms of science or medicine if you go by this article alone, writes in "Alternative health: What is Naturopathy?"(2014-11-07):

"it is perhaps easier to list what the naturopath Katrin Hempel doesn’t offer her clients than what she does [...]";

this is NOT a definition.  This is an UNdefinition.  It takes a long time to find specifics when someone just keeps listing what something ISN'T. 

"for diagnosis she uses live blood analysis [...] as diagnosis tools Hempel uses live blood analysis or a bioresonance machine [...] she also has a bioresonance machine, based on the so-called EAV machine developed by a German doctor, Reinhold Voll, in the 1950s [...] 'every cell in the body puts out a certain electromagnetic frequency, that can be measured – a healthy stomach cell sounds different to a healthy brain cell – and the machine can put the right resonance back in, to trigger deep healing [...] bioresonance measures the electromagnetic output of every cell in the body. If there’s any discrepancy with the healthy frequency for that kind of cell that gives a diagnosis' [...]";

ah, so pseudodiagnostics akin to reading tea leaves and magical Voll junk insights.

"she uses infusion therapy [...] nutritional therapy, acupuncture and biopuncture (in which the needles contain homeopathic injectibles [...] Hempel uses bioresonance to put healthy electromagnetic frequencies back into the cells";

ah, yes nothing like magic beans and unicorn tears coursing through your veins, and quackupuncture.  And, if someone thinks that homeopathy and acupuncture are impressive, imagine how much crap nutrition and parenteral hokeyness a patient is being subjected to.

002. bioresonance lunacy is detailed here, critically in terms of scientific and medical rigor, in the Wikipedia article "Bioresonance Therapy" states:

"bioresonance therapy or (MORA therapy) is a pseudoscientific medical concept in which it is proposed that electromagnetic waves can be used to diagnose and treat human illness.  According to Quackwatch the therapy is completely senseless and the proposed mechanism of action impossible." 

perfect for naturopathy!  The FAKE.  What a LAZY style of reporting.  Not an iota of background, of expert opinion.  Just the naturopath, and her leather belt hipness.  SO GLAD I dumped naturopathy school in 2002 and am trying to get them EXPOSED for the falsehood and absurdity that they are.
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