Tuesday, November 18, 2014

ND Catanzaro Accepts License Suspension & Long Probation

here, a brief update on ND Catanzaro:

001. Steve Miletich of the Seattle Times reports in "Bothell Cancer Naturopath Accepts License Suspension, Long Probation" (2014-11-17):

"a Bothell naturopathic physician found to have engaged in unprofessional conduct in his treatment of cancer patients has agreed to a settlement with state health officials that includes suspension of his license, and probation for at least eight years [...] he said he expected to resume his practice in mid-February [...]";

and yet the naturopathy apparatus that creates this kind of situation is left alone, still peddling its falsehoods.  So, this licensed falsehood marches on, slightly bruised.

"two views of Catanzaro emerged when health officials brought the charges against him: one was that of a sincere and dedicated healer [...] the other view was that of a reckless scientist-wannabe who ignored state and federal regulations aimed at protecting patients who become research subjects, and that he peddled false hope and costly treatments to vulnerable cancer patients";

well, being that naturopathy is based upon false and misleading premises, you can  guess which view won out in terms of this little victory.

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