Friday, November 14, 2014

ND Hornyak's Science-Ejected Vitalistic Premises at Ontario's

here, a little snippet from a recent self-promotional article-ad by an ND in Ontario:

001. Andrea Hornyak (ND CCNM) writes in "Osteoarthritis Affects 1 in 10 Canadians" (2014-11-14):

"with naturopathic medicine, various natural modalities are utilized including clinical nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine, botanical medicine and homeopathic medicine [...] homeopathic medicine is also helpful in managing OA pain as it stimulates the body’s vital force to promote self-healing. Potencies that are most effective are 200CH or MK [...] traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can help balance qi (energy flow) to reduce inflammation and pain. This includes acupuncture, cupping and dietary recommendations [...] if you'd like to have more information on naturopathic medicine, please visit";

yes, vitalism vitalism vitalism!  That SO science-exterior sectarian concept at the heart of naturopathy.  Not someone I'd trust for advice on 'how things work.'

Note: we're told at her bio. page "discover what your vital force is made of [...] she enjoys being part of the healing process by providing support and encouragement in order to stimulate and clear blockages of the vital force."

that's like trying to discover what unicorn tears are made of.
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