Sunday, December 14, 2014

An ND is $200,000: NUHS's Tim Says It Ain't Woo-Woo [Yet I Found Woo-Woo EASILY]

here, I quote from web pages by "Tim", who tells us an ND degree is "science-based" and costs "$200,000" [see 001. and 002., below]; then, I fish out from NUHS 'that which belies' that science label [see 003., below]:

001. in "Finances" (2013-02-15)[vsc 2014-12-14], ND student as of 2013 Tim Ammons writes:

"this week, I will discuss a few financial considerations of attending naturopathic medical school, regardless of which university you choose to attend. This is a direct look at the money side of attending school [...]";

oh please, do go on!

"as nurturing and inclusive as our medicine is with regard to the health of body, mind and spirit, or the whole person [...]";

ye old supernaturalism at the heart of naturopathy.

"we are not a medicine of 'woo-woo' or one devoid of a solid scientific foundation [...] as a naturopathic medical student, each of us is expected to know the science behind the body, mind, and spirit connection [...]";

yet, ironically, the supernatural was just invoked.  So, now, MAGICALLY, the naturopathic- supernatural somehow has a scientific foundation.  Hand out the Nobels!

 "be certain that you are prepared to invest up to $200,000 for a rigorous science-based education for four years [...] understand the long-term implications of a medical school loan. Most students that I know are paying for their naturopathic medical education with the help of federal student loans. Most of us will have significant loan balances at the end of our time here at NUHS. Many students will have balances close to or exceeding $200,000 [...] upon starting medical school I was building a financial debt that would take a good portion of the remainder of my life to repay [...]";

and this is where I say to myself 'holy shit.'  Now, in NO WAY is their a rigorous scientific basis for supernaturalism and the other activities of naturopathy like HOMEOPATHY.  So, $200,000 under fraudulent pretenses.  An inducement.

"[an] education that entwines all the principles of naturopathic philosophy combined with the hard science of the human machine [...]";

'entwines' means to blend or integrate aka muddle.  Because, truly, we are blending knowledge kinds here and falsely labeling them rigorously scientifically based. 

002. there's more science foundation claim at his biography, "About Me" [archived 2013], wherein Tim writes:

"I needed to find the right school. This would be a school based in the sciences [...] along with the sciences though, I needed a school that taught the philosophy of the naturopathic principles [...] when I visited NUHS, I was able to see the solid scientific foundation of study immediately upon arrival [...]";

ye old science claim upon the science-ejected naturopathic.

003. that which belies:

well, there's such patent nonsense in the NUHS curriculum as HOMEOPATHY.  And of course the supernaturalism I mentioned earlier.
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