Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Homeopathy Prophylaxis Claims Violate Australian Consumer Protection Law

here, a quick snippet from a recent ruling in Australia regarding fake prophylaxis aka homeopathy for a serious disease:

001. news.com.au reports in "Federal Court Rules Homeopathy Plus! Misled Consumers About Whooping Cough Vaccine " (2014-12-23):

"an online homeopathy business [...] Homeopathy Plus! [...] told consumers the whooping cough vaccine was 'unreliable at best' and 'largely ineffective' [...]  ineffective and unreliable and that homeopathic treatments were an effective alternative [...] has breached Australian consumer law, the federal court has ruled [...] the court found that Homeopathy Plus! engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct in relation to statements and articles on its website about the whooping cough vaccine [...]";


"the court found that there was no credible scientific basis for the claims that Homoeopathy Plus! was making and that there is ample evidence that the whooping cough vaccine does a good job in protecting the majority of people [...] 'a significant victory 'for common sense' [...]";

hear, hear.

002. meanwhile, in the U.S.:

the AANP still claims homeopathy is a "medicinal science" and a "clinical science."
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