Friday, April 17, 2015

ND Brady 2014 Testimony: Wherein Senator Gerratana's PHC Gets a Big Fat Falsehood

here, I cite from a transcript I came across today while researching Part 2b of the Naturocrit Podcast Episode 009.  Here's an amazing example of an ND hugely, fatly, flat-outly stating an epistemic falsehood about naturopathy to various members of the CT legislature's Public Health Committee in 2014:

001. there's “PH Committee Hearing Transcript for 03/14/2014” [vsc 2015-04-17; my comments are in unquoted bold; 2015 archived] which states:

001.a. first, there's the list of the legislators who are present. The document tells us:

"chairmen: Senator Gerratana, Representative Johnson [...members] Senators: Holder-Winfield, Kane, Musto, Slossberg, Welch; Representatives: Arconti, Betts, Cook, Conroy, Davis, Demicco, Hovey, Klarides, Maroney, P. Miller, Perillo, Riley, Ryan, Sayers, Scribner, Srinivasan, Tercyak, Widlitz, Zoni, Ziobron."

wow! Holy cow, really!  Based on HOW MANY of the Connecticut Legislature were there when what I'm about to repeat was said! Now, the legislative homepage of Senator Gerratana states that she is CHAIR of "public health."

001.b. what was said!  There's this interesting exchange:

ND Brady:
 "the licensed naturopathic physician attends a doctoral-level, four-year naturopathic medical school, and is educated in all of the same basic sciences as an MD [...using] approaches which emphasize prevention and upstream medical intervention using all evidence-based tools [...] we take rigorous national exams called NPLEX [...]";

so, it is the NPLEX that falsely labels homeopathy and kind a "clinical science."  And I would hugely argue that since anything-is-science in naturopathy, the concept of what science is IS NOT the "same" as what happens generally in education OVERALL.

"in the end, what we're asking for is nothing more than fairness and equity as a profession [...] the modern naturopathic medical profession [...]";

ah, the of-the-professions claim.  But have you ever heard of a profession based upon falsehoods?

Senator Gerratana: 
"do you follow in your curriculum at the University of Bridgeport, do you follow evidence-based science in your studies and your curriculum work?"

ND Brady:
"of course, yeah [...] our program is an evidence-based curriculum [...] an evidence-based curriculum [...]";

and there you go, a CATEGORICAL falsehood that's SO EASY to show.

Senator Gerratana: 
"it's a scientific evidence-based curriculum?"

ND Brady:
"Yes, absolutely."

he said YES categorically, absolutely!  And this is SO EASY to show as FALSE.  I'm loving it.

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