Tuesday, April 21, 2015

NUHS Promotes Their Naturopathy Program's Homeopathy Instructor Fior's Homeopathy Ebook

here, I screen capture from NUHS's Facebook page and I cite from an NUHS web page:

001. in a this Facebook post:

Note: such a commitment to SCIENCE.  Not. I've actually been to that Hahnemann statue too.

002. "NUHS Homeopathy Instructors Launch New Ebook", a $50 ebook at the Apple Store:

"Timothy Fior, MD, teaches the Homeopathy III course in National University's naturopathic medicine program. He recently launched a new 527-page e-book on iTunes titled, 'Essentials of Homeopathic Medicine,' co-authored by fellow faculty member, Dr. Francine Burke";

what's homeopathy doing within a supposed "science" "university"? 

"'we're proud that our naturopathic medicine program offers the expertise of notable leaders in homeopathic medicine, such as Dr. Timothy Fior and Dr. Francine Burke,' says NUHS President Joseph Stiefel. 'We congratulate them on this tremendous accomplishment.'"

what a reversal of VALUES.  The "s" in NUHS is supposed to stand for SCIENCE.
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