Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Australian J. of Pharmacy: "Homeopathy is a Prescientific Pseudoscience"

here, the Australian Journal of Pharmacy has a post up regarding the absurdity known as homeopathy, a therapy the AANP TO THIS DAY claims is scientific:

001. Ian Carr writes in "Homeopathy: It’s Not the Products, It’s the Thinking" (2015-05-26):

"just over 200 years ago [...] Hahnemann [...] invented homeopathy [...] many who choose a homeopathic remedy from the shelves may be totally unaware of its scientific implausibility [...] it has not been shown to be any more effective than placebo, and that makes it a placebo [...] fellow pharmacists, it is time to rid our shelves of these shonky products.  Every time a consumer is able to pluck their chosen homeopathic drops from your shelf, you have given credence to quackery [...] homeopathy is a prescientific pseudoscience which most closely resembles 'sympathetic magic' like voodoo, love potions and ritual cannibalism";

hear, hear.
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