Saturday, May 30, 2015

New Zealand's Advertising Standards Authority Schwacks Homeopathy

here, a excerpt from a press release regarding homeopathy in New Zealand:

001. we're told in in "Homeopathy Center Exploited Superstition, Misled Consumers" (2015-05-29):

"the Advertising Standards Authority has upheld a complaint from the Society for Science Based Healthcare against the Homeopathy Center in Christchurch. They ruled that the Homeopathy Center’s advertisements misled consumers, unduly glamorized the benefits of homeopathy, portrayed unrealistic outcomes, unjustifiably played on fear, and exploited the superstitious [...]";


"the Christchurch Mail published two Homeopathy Center advertisements on the 12th of March.One, an advertorial, claimed 'homeopathy can help put things right [...] homeopathic medicine is energetic in nature and can stimulate the vital force [...] no matter what state of health you are in, you can improve it!”

wow.  Me thinks the vital force is the superstitious element.

"it said the advertiser provided no evidence about the existence of 'vital force' or substantiated its effect on the body or medical condition or the ability of homeopathic medicine [to] stimulate it and as such were misleading. The Complaints Board said the advertisements exploited the superstitions in those people who may believe in the concept [...]";

yes, there you go.
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