Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fight Ontario's Naturopathy Act! Here's a Route...

here, I suggest a SUBVERSION of the OAND's appeal for GREATER scope.  So, I provide a contact route for those who wish to provide an alternate opinion, instead of their ROBOMESSAGE.  Cogita tute!

001. OAND tells us in "The Naturopathy Act" [my comments are in unquoted bold]:

001.a. this advice:

"your voice is important [...] lend your voice [...] please lend your voice [...]";

sure, sure.  Let's do that.

"the government of Ontario has proposed two regulatory amendments that, if approved, will severely limit the ability of naturopathic doctors to provide care to you, their patients [...]";

wow, perhaps some consumer protection is about to happen.

"thank you for lending your voice [..]";

you are very welcome.

001.b. and their specific ROBOMESSAGE is, in part:

"as a constituent of your riding [...] I do not know why the government is proposing to limit the scope of practice of naturopathic doctors [...]";

I do.  Perhaps you should be better educated.  You should be disabused of the legitimacy of naturopathy, overall.  Which is quite easy to demonstrate.

002. I will be sending a message here, "Questions for the Minister", but not the message that OAND wants.  I will send:

"Hon. Dr. Eric Hoskins, Ontario’s Minister of Health and Long-Term Care,

 I write to you in opposition to naturopathic licensure and expanded scope of practice. 

I find it incredible that the government of Ontario is an accomplice to naturopathic absurdity and deception. 

As an independent researcher, podcaster, and blogger, I've written an in-depth Podcast episode at The Naturocrit Podcast titled

"The 'Science-Based' Science-Exterior Canadian-Based Naturopathic Interior" 

which I think you'll find quite illuminating

 Thank you for your time and service, 

Rob Cullen."
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