Sunday, May 17, 2015

Washington State Fake Fakers Charged with Practicing Naturopathy

here, news that two naturopath impersonators have been busted.  But why aren't naturopaths themselves busted for their PATENT fakery?

001. Whidbey News-Times reporter Janis Reid writes in "State orders Oak Harbor naturopaths to cease practice" (2015-05-16):

"Arely Jimenez and Clarence Hugh Jonson [...] two natural health practitioners [...of] Whidbey Naturals Alternative Medicine [...] arrested in recent months by Oak Harbor police have been ordered to stop practicing by the state Department of Health [...]  to 'cease and desist the practice of naturopathy pending further legal action' [...]";

so, an encroachment on naturopathy's Washington State statutes that only CNME-AANP-AANMC naturopaths get to sell as "powerful" ineffective placebo remedies like homeopathy.  COZY.

"Jimenez and Jonson advertised themselves as 'board certified in naturopathy' on their website, even though neither Jimenez nor Jonson have ever held a credential to practice as a naturopath in Washington state [this my without a license aka WOAL], according to the Department of Health the Department of Health establishes, monitors and enforces qualifications for licensing, consistent standards of practice, continuing competency mechanisms and discipline.  Those wishing to file a complaint against a health care provider can call 360-236-4700 [...]";

here's a Washington state ND claiming the falsehood that naturopathy is categorically science-based while at her alma mater that granted the ND you find that within that label is patent nonscience.  COZY!!!  So, who do you complain to when the watchers are in bed with those they watch?  The FEDS...
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