Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Naturopath Robert Oldman Young Accused of Defrauding Cancer Patients

here, a snippet and comment:

001. the San Diego Reader's Eva Knott reports in "Is There a Naturopathic Practitioner in the House? And is Dr. Robert Oldham Young a Doctor or Not?" (2015-05-12):

"Robert Oldham Young [...] the Valley Center man who is accused of practicing medicine without a license and defrauding cancer sufferers of thousands of dollars for fake cures [ will be a] felony jury trial [...] prosecutor Gina Darvas asserts that the defendant fabricated his science and credentials, and that is part of the proof that Young intended to deceive [...]"; 

well, I'm not surprised that someone naturopathic is FABRICATING SCIENCE.  Isn't that what's happening when the AANP claims that homeopathy passes scientific muster?
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