Sunday, May 10, 2015

Naturopathic Antivaccination: ND Glidden on Alex Jones 2015-04-14

here, a quick snippet from the fringe of the fringe, from the raggedy edge of the most reality-challenged raggedy :

001. in "The Alex Jones Show (3rd HOUR-VIDEO Commercial Free) Tuesday April 14 2015: Dr. Peter Glidden" [saved 2015-05-09], ND Glidden, a 1991 Bastyr University graduate -- yes, the place that says the patently science-exterior is science-based, states:

"[starting @00.14.27] my advice, just say no [...] the vaccine science is fuzzy science, at best.  If you look at the vaccine research, objectively, scientifically, from an unbiased, unprejudiced point of view, you would not be a fan nor an advocate of vaccines [...] if they work, that would be one thing, but quite frankly they do not and god only knows what they're putting in them.  My advice, just say no [...] your medical doctor does not know what's best for you [...] medical doctors do not practice medicine, nobody practices medicine [...and he terms modern medicine] allopathic medicine [...] MDs practice allopathic medicine [...] it does not work [...] the leading cause of death in America, MD-directed medicine [...] if it were a perfect world, it would be illegal for MDs to treat chronic disease [...] the MDs are the wrong dog for this hunt [...] all chronic diseases are related directly to nutrient deficiencies, period [...] there's a nutritional solution that's science-based [...] I've been a licensed naturopathic physician for 22 years [he also tells us 911 in NYC was a 'controlled demolition']";

that's right, he said 'they don't work.'  That is OBTUSE.  By the way, Mr. Jones mentions that the Queen of England uses naturopaths.  But, no.  It's homeopaths, Alex, homeopaths.  SO FLUENT in this ins and outs of the issue!  Oh the PONTIFICATION.
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