Sunday, May 31, 2015

NMD Huber's "Naturopathic Cancer Society" - "Top Cancer Success Rates"

here, naturopathic oncology, two of the scariest words in the English language:

001. the Naturopathic Cancer Society tells us:

001.a. in "Group":

"Dr. Colleen Huber is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD) and President of the Naturopathic Cancer Society [...] as a Naturopathic Oncologist (FNORI), Dr. Huber brings the experience and research done at her cancer clinic to the helm of the Naturopathic Cancer Society.  At her clinic in Tempe, Arizona, she has conducted the largest and longest study in the medical literature on sugar intake and cancer, published in Cancer Strategies Journal, showing that cancer patients who avoid sweeteners have more than twice the rate of remission of the sweetened food eaters."


001.b. at their homepage:

"naturopathic treatment has some of the top cancer success rates in the world."

really. That's quite a PROMISE.  Why don't we know about this?  Is it possibly not true?  The last time I checked, inherently naturopathic treatments like homeopathy and detox DON'T WORK.

"we are a charitable organization to support people living with cancer who prefer treatment options other than chemotherapy and radiation."


"non-toxic cancer treatments have helped thousands of people to survive their cancers and regain their strength."

where's the data, the peer-reviewed publications?

 002. NMD Huber's NCS has a video "Staircase Challenge for Cancer" [vsc 2015-05-31]

wherein she states:

"the treatments I am talking about are entirely natural and have the best documented success rate in the world against cancer [...] intravenous nutrients and some vitamins and herbs.  That's it [...] you will see that the patient's stay health and they lose their cancer [...] you can see these treatments are keeping us all doing well [...patients] 'say to no toxic treatments and side effects' [...] 'I now am vibrantly healthy' [...] 'if you or someone you know has cancer, please look into natural and alternative treatments'."

very, very dubious.  As if.

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