Friday, June 19, 2015

Bastyr University Clinic's ND Jensen Promotes Homeopathy Remedies This 2015

here, more naturopathy pseudotherapeutics:

001. ND Jensen (SCNM 2008) writes in "Homeopathic Remedies to the Rescue This Summer!" [2015 archived] we're told, though homeopathy has been completely science-ejected and doesn't work and can't work, so isn't any kind of legitimate "remedy" as in therapy:

"homeopathy could be a great solution for your natural first aid kit for summer [...]";

that's INSANE. 

"so if the homeopathic medicine that you use doesn’t work, there is probably a better homeopathic medicine; consult a licensed naturopathic doctor for some more help [...]"; 

and that shows how so 'at the heart of naturopathy' homeopathy is. 

"Jonci Jensen, ND, is a faculty supervisor at Bastyr University Clinic and a core faculty member at Bastyr University California. If you are interested in learning more about homeopathy and natural medicine, use our quick contact form to make an appointment online or call 858-246-9730 [...]";

and yet Bastyr touts itself as "science based."  Not.
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