Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Oregon NDs Chapman and Clark Sue Health Net Insurance for the Right to Be False Posed as True - ISYN

here, Oregon absurdity piled upon absurdity:

001. the Portland Business Journal tells us, in "Naturopath Docs and Patients Sue Oregon's Health Net Insurance Plan" (2015-07-07):

"naturopathic doctors and patients have filed a class action lawsuit in U.S. District Court against Health Net Health Plan of Oregon for allegedly discriminatory practices [...] Thomas K. Doyle, an attorney at the Portland-based law firm Bennett, Hartman, Morris & Kaplan LLP filed the suit on behalf of patients Eileen Fox-Quamme, Lisa Hess, Mary Redfield and a child with the initials O.S., and two naturopathic doctors, Leigh Ann Chapman and Jeff Clark";

that's odd, because I'd have thought that "class action" and naturopathy would have involved naturopathy's falsehoods and unfair trade.

002. the practice pages of those NDs:

002.a. ND Chapman, who is an NCNM graduate, has, for instance, a homeopathy page wherein she states:

"an increasing body of scientific research is proving the potent biological action of homeopathic preparations [...] homeopathic medicines may be effectively applied in chronic (long-term) conditions, as well as acute (short-term) illnesses of adults, children and animals."

that's complete bullshit.  It's what's false posing as what's true.

002.b. ND Clark, who is also an NCNM graduate, states:

"these treatment options are applied based on the basic philosophical tenets of naturopathic medicine, which are: [...] vis medicatrix naturae, the healing power of nature: the human body is always working on itself to restore health and correct imbalances. Naturopathic physicians remove obstacles that prevent the body from healing and add materials that facilitate the innate healing process each of us possesses."

ah, so.  The vitalism that dare not transparently communicate itself.  His alma mater does state that explicit science-ejected "vital force" figmentation.  But he doesn't.  I consider this definition of naturopathy's fundamental premise to be FALSE.  It is manipulative opacity.

003. now, overarching all this, is the false position of naturopathy, that can be found at ncnm.edu and oregon.gov.  But, I'll not delve into that, as I write about those two pages so often I'm sick of it.  At those two links, you can find the false posing as true.
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