Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Absurdity of Ontario's College of Naturopathy: Wolves are Now On Guard

here, a great example of naturopathy's reversal of values:

*US readers should take note that Canada is similar in regulation to the UK, so "college" is not just a school, but at times a governing body.

001. theobserver.ca's Tyler Kula writes in "New College, Rules Further Legitimize Profession, Naturopathic Doctor Says" (2015-07-07):

"among the changes introduced into the profession in Ontario July 1, with the official establishment of the provincial College of Naturopaths, and the proclamation of the eight-year-old Naturopathy Act [...]";

how can you be a profession if you are based upon falsehood?

"naturopathy: a system of alternative healing that includes homeopathy and acupuncture [...]";

ah, quackery = falsehood.

"[an ND says] 'there's more protection for our patients '[...] 'part of that is a more powerful framework for investigating code of conduct infractions, and handing down discipline, said Andrew Parr, registrar and CEO with the newly formed college [...] our role will be to ensure that naturopaths meet the standards of practice of their profession [...] our role is to protect the public interest [...] we're not here to protect the profession, but the public' [...]";

really?  How are patient's protected with a system of self-regulating predators that calls the science-ejected science-based, and the placebo-based powerful?  HOW?
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