Saturday, August 15, 2015

What OAND's Legacy Project Values: Homeopathy, Vitalism, Iridology, and Energy Woo Pendulums.

here, some OAND Legacy Project woofulness:

001. in the video "OAND - The Naturopathic Medicine Legacy Project (FULL)" (saved 2015-08-15), we're told:

"[from the description] OAND - The Naturopathic Medicine Legacy Project: Acquire, Transfer and Archive Naturopathic Medical Wisdom and Knowledge.  Legacy Project Seminar Series [...] the seminar videos are a monthly hands-on workshop series by the Naturopathic Legacy Committee, whose mandate is to preserve and teach core clinical methodologies of Naturopathic Elders which are critical to advancing the profession [...from the video] Dr. Helena Ovens, FCAH, CCH, CBHT: Homeopathic First Aid [...] principles of naturopathic medicine [...include #3] vis medicatrix naturae: use the healing power of nature.  Naturopathic medicine stimulates the patient's vital force, also known as qi, chi, prana and life force.  This increase in energy facilitates the healing response [...] Dr. Edie Pett, ND, DT: Iridology [shows the iridology homunculus of Jensen...] Dr. Avram Sussman, ND, DC: Body, Mind and Spirit in Action: Talking with the Human Energy Field [including the use of a pendulum...]";

really: homeopathy, vitalism, iridology, and energy pendulums.  By the way, it is OAND on the page "About Naturopathic Medicine" who states: "naturopathic doctors treat the root causes of disease and address preventable risk factors, using a wide range of science-and evidence-based, natural and conventional therapies."  But SCIENCE isn't whatever you want it to be.
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