Friday, August 14, 2015

ND Roberts: "Naturopathic Medicine is Definitely Based on Science"

here, a CCNM ND grad. claims science categorically upon the naturopathic, yet, look what's DONE at her practice:

001. Roberts, M. (ND CCNM) states, in the video "Is Naturopathic Medicine Based on Science?" (2015)[saved 2015-08-14]:

"[from the description] Dr. Melina Roberts answers the question 'is naturopathic medicine based on science?' [...from the video] Dr. Melina Roberts, ND.  Science vs. Naturopathic Medicine? [...she asks] is naturopathic medicine based on science?  Many critics claim that naturopathic medicine is not grounded in science [...] naturopathic medicine is the original medicine [...] it has held the test of time [...] whereas allopathic medicine has been around for maybe 100 years [...] our education as naturopathic doctors is heavily grounded in science.  We learn the same basic sciences and diagnostic sciences as conventional doctors [...] most of our treatments are supported by solid research [...] there's a wealth of research [...] showing scientific basis and validity for naturopathic protocols [...] what we do is science-based and increasingly evidence based [...] the beauty of naturopathic medicine is that it combines traditional medicine and modern science in the understanding of how the body works [...] so yes, naturopathic medicine is definitely based on science."

that's QUITE definite CATEGORICAL language.

 002. yet, at her practice in Ontario [that bio. page itself has 'homeo' on it 3 times], we've got, in "What is the Difference Between Naturopathic Doctors and Homeopathic Doctors?" (2015 archived):

"naturopathic doctors (NDs) are general practitioners of natural medicine. They are trained to treat ailments using clinical nutrition, acupuncture, botanical medicine, physical medicine, lifestyle counseling and homeopathy [...] a naturopathic doctor would use any of the approaches listed above, including homeopathy, in their treatments."

why would a science-based practice use homeopathy AT ALL??  Yes, I know, rather low-hanging fruit to point out.  But, that's the point.  If something as hugely science-ejected as homeopathy is within what naturopathy claims is science-based, then in naturopathyland apparently ANYTHING is science.
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