Friday, September 18, 2015

Business as Usual: The Iridology, Applied Kinesiology, Laser Acupuncture, and Homeopathy of Massachusetts Naturopath Lizotte

here, a video I came across on YouTube touting naturopathy, its iridology, and 'laser acupuncture':

001. in the video "Business as Usual: Naturopathy" (2015-09-14), on the account of "The Raynham Channel" who tell us they are "a local broadcast station in Raynham, MA", we're told:
[here's the YouTube link:

"[the title tells us] Dr. Kevin J. Lizotte N.D. [...he says] 'I'm a naturopath' [and it says so on his lab coat... and he gives his address, and we're shown the shopfront which says 'reiki, cold laser acupuncture, and iridology'...] 'I offer laser acupuncture, homeopathy, herbology [...and he says he helps people with] whatever you can think of' [...]";

what is LASER acupuncture, a more high-tech version of the parlor trick?

 "[he says] when I first graduated in 2000 [...and we're shown a diploma from the] American Institute of Natural Healing [...] 'the only way you can get any kind of disease is to first have a stoppage in one of your meridian lines [...creating] a lack of energy going to that area or specific organ' [and we're shown pictures of these FIGMENTATIONS...] I don't ever use a needle [for acupuncture...] insurance does not want me to teach you how to get off medications [...] you want to heal yourself from anything from asthma to cancer, you can do it.  Your body's a natural healing machine [...]";


 "[for laser acupuncture] you can get the frequency of the person by muscle testing them [...] I do a lot of muscle testing [...then] within three to six [...] six to twelve [...] treatments you can kill primary Lyme [...] ":

that is applied kinesiology, something they did when I was in ND school, along with homeopathy and acupuncture.

 "we all heal in the same way [...] from the inside out, head to toe, left to right, in reversal of symptoms [...] without that happening, you body's not truly healing itself [...]";

really.  This is Hering's Law of Cure.

 "I do something called iridology [ the eyes] the whole body is mapped out [...] I can see what specifically is going on inside the body [and we're shown an iridology chart...and he speaks of treating migraines in 15 seconds with] reiki [...and] acupuncture [...] with my thumbs [...] I can usually pull somebody's migraine out of their head within fifteen seconds [...] to pull the splinters out of the meridian lines [...go to]"[...and see his] YouTube commercial [which does mention applied kinesiology...]";

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